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The dummy texts live far away, behind the word mountains, far away from the countries Vokalia and Konsonantia. There' more tunes like The Bridge theme that lurks in the forests of Norway | tunes Everyone who was enthusiastic about the Danish-Swedish mystery serial The Bridge knows that its theme melody creates a great atmosphere for the cruel, sinister and granular drag. Already in 2010 I described Hollow Talk by the act Choir of Young Believers as "a melancholic Arcade Fire doing the sound track to Wallander" (I used it as an example of a group that made nice songs but couldn't or didn't want to advertise on their own web sites).

It seems as if I was only mistaken as to which mystery story the song would end up in. And for those who have become admirers of this sinister, melancholy kind of tune, there is much more where it comes from. While the Swedes have a sensitivity to popular songs that has prevailed for many years since Abba, and the Danes are a bit more relaxed, the Norwegians are inclined to make songs that are not so available to the outside world at first - even though it doesn't stop them from surpassing the chart in their home state.

For some years now Norway's musicians - especially the feminine ones - have been producing melancholically imbued soundtrack. Let's take Susanne Sundfør, whose last record The Brothel stayed 30 week in the Norway chart (it sells 40.000 times what a Platin in Norway is). When Cate Blanchett, as Galadriel, would have broke into Lord of the Rings for the Lied, one could have imagined that she sounds like Sundfør.

" Sundførsiog says that their new record, The Silicone, is not so gloomy and cool, but "has tunes that remind of heat and abundance". That' s a very small clue, I would say, because then Adele's tunes would still ring like children song - and the tape for the White Foxes singles looks like a gloomier variation of The Bridge in the Norway Forrest.

Worship's Worship Duo with Jose Gonzalez is a strange, sinister dream that could readily have been a part of Roy Andersson's song from the Second Floor. One of my favourites so far this year has been a performance: accompagnied by a group - apparently able to perform any kind of musical instruments under the stars - that created a mesmerizing, pulsing soundscape, Brun was dancing like a lady obsessed with her work.

Since 2010 Rebekka Karijord has not released an LP, but The Noble Kind of Letting Go contains many atmospheric pearls. Like Sundfør, in Karijord's scene for It Like a Crown (her greatest hit) she is playing woodpione in the woods, although in her scene it is rather the spring than the fall.

A part of the popularity of Danish thriller plays and writers is that they are not afraid of dark and meltancholy and instead see a certain amount of beautifulness and consolation in it. Even if it moves your ship, there's lots of northern tunes to discover and take with you as you wait for the next The Bridge and The Killing show to reach our banks.

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