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WordPress power-up with the Bridge multi-purpose topic If you are a novice or professional when it comes to creating and working with web sites, WordPress is a good choice as a web site frameworks and web site CMS. Combine it with a great design and you can get a website up and run with a degree of customization that works for your specifics. Today we take a look at Qode Themes and how you can use these utilities to your benefit when creating a website. One of the top selling products on the Envato market, Qode offers many world-class WordPress themes to select from, among them the beloved Bridge multi-purpose theming.

Since 2013, Qode has been publishing high-quality WordPress topics for private and business use. Our 38-strong staff is dedicated to "setting new benchmarks in WordPress topics". "Headquartered in Belgrade, the business is focused on young professionals in the areas of engineering excellence, engineering and technical services. The Qode provides a rugged suite of designs with many choices for each stage of detail.

You don't have to be a masters coder to get a great Qode package look with the available default and multi-purpose features. Now Qode has produced the best-selling WordPress 2014 topic - Bridge - and currently has 15 different topics. Only last months Qode sells more than 2,400 specimens of his work.

Subjects are characterized by a variety of designs that allow you to find something for almost any need. Feel free to view each topic on the Qode page and each one is available through ThemeForest. And if you've never used a multifunctional styling before, it's a great one. Multipurpose topics are conceived so that they can build a unique website submission for just about any use.

It comes with every aspect you need to create a website, from a highly reactive web site frameworks to items like content management, content management, e-commerce assistance, and more. Qode's topics often fall into the multipurpose area. The use of one of these for your website gives you a lot of versatility, layout choices and functions to make your website work exactly the way you want it to.

Multipurpose is ideal for anyone who plans a website beyond a blogs. Bridge is one of Qode's most favorite multifunction topics. It was also one of the best-selling topics of 2014 on ThemeForest and was introduced in Forbes Magazine. For only $58 for a default licence, it will be difficult to find more functionality for that mark.

Here is a view of Bridge (or a tour): Bridging is a rugged multifunctional topic with many functions. Its design has a very easy and intuitional build and if you encounter any issues you get free life-time technical assistance. Further functions are a descriptive componist, the LayerSlider plug-in, automatic updating, a one-click demonstration and a one-click trial version, the eye is reactive and contains more than 80 shortcuts.

It' s simple to use and has been down-loaded more than 24,000 copies with an almost flawless review. A feature of the latest Bridge update is "Layout Concepts". "24 sketches for everything from a collection to a blogs, this contemporary aesthetics comprises... Every approach provides a frame to launch a one-of-a-kind page style with customized choices.

Those conceptions contain choices for menus positioning, picture types and sizes on the home page (full frame or modular), different menus and navigational style, as well as choices for shops and picture slider. Bridge down-loads come with a drag-and-drop graphical artist that makes creating a website simple. It' s intuitively designed and allows you to create on-screen by seeing every modification you make on the go - not a series of codes.

Design contains a free LayerSlider plug-in for excellent viewing. Bridging is also full of shortcuts - more than 80 of them - that you can use in your postings and pages. Bridge has also taken care of this area when it comes to e-commerce. WooCommerce comes with integrated WooCommerce - the most beloved on-line shopgate.

There are many other functions as well. If you can see that, Bridge has a way to help you with the implementation on your website. Bridging incorporates Google Maps connectivity, all the utilities you'll ever need to link your site to online community, two sets of fonts, CSS3 animation, pallax and AJAX effect fonts, headerskins, multi-version logos, built-in searching, the option to include customized styles, one-page page layout and a great landing page style.

Qode's Bridge has everything you need to build a great website; just throw in a little fantasy. This topic contains all the utilities you need to make almost anything - and if they don't have it, leave a line at Qode. Bridge and all other Qode topics can be found on ThemeForest.

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