The Divi Theme

Divi Theme

Here you will find useful resources, tutorials, code excerpts, free page layouts and above all high-quality Divi-Kind topics. A lot of my tips and tricks on the Divi theme include adding CSS to your theme. Here's how to add your own CSS to the Divi theme.

Just in fall for the Divi theme

Elegant theming divi is the most powerfull theme and website building tool available for WordPress. Our website contains useful ressources, tutorials, code excerpts, free page layout and above all high-quality children's topics. Everything has been developed especially for working with the Divi theme. Working on customising your Divi website?

Have a look at our tutorials and Divi-Code excerpts. Some of our styles that can help you avoid the hassle of creating your own Divi-based website. Maybe you just don't have enough free space to study how to create a Divi-based website yourself? Our goal is to create and create a website that is attractive, fun, user-friendly and optimised for your needs.

If you need help customising your website, Ania also provides Divi advice via Skype.

Add ing of CSS to the Divi theme

A lot of my Divi topic hints and hints include the addition of your topic to your own style sheet. This is how you can apply your own custom style sheet to the Divi theme. Probably the simplest and best way to include custom style sheets in your Divi theme is to use the custom style sheet in the theme options as follows:

Navigate to Divi > Theme Option where you will find the Divi theme option. You will find a text field with the name "Custom CSS". Or you can directly append style sheets to Divi by appending them to the end of the style.css in the Divi theme folder. It is best to prevent this, however, as updating the theme can cause this filename to be overridden and your changes to be wasted.

One more way to make Divi aware of your changes and not risk losing them is to make a sub-theme and place your new style sheet there. Whilst the creation of a children's theme takes a little engineering work, Elegant Topics (the developers of Divi) have a beautiful children's theme creation workshop.

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