The Genesis


The earth was now formless and empty, the darkness was over the surface of it. Use the genesis in one sentence. Genetic 1 - The Beginning - God in the Beginning

In the beginning God gave creation to the heaven and the earth. 1 As for the ground, it was shapeless and empty, the dark was over the top of the depths, and the Spirit of God hovered over the water. And God said, Let there be candle, and there was candle. For God saw that the candle was good, and he cut off the candle from the dark.

God named the lights "day," and the darknesses "night. 6 And God said, There shall be a dome between the rivers, to divide the rivers from the rivers. "7 "7 So God made the tabernacle, and divided the flood under the tabernacle from the flood above him. Eight God named the arch "heaven.

And God said, The flood of the heavens shall be collected in one place, and the earth shall be arid. As for the earth, 10 God named it "land," and the collected things of the earth, which he named "seas. Then said God, "The earth shall bring forth vegetation: seeds shall bring forth plant, and seedlings shall bring forth tree, and fruits shall bring forth fruits, with seeds therein, according to their various species.

This was the 12th generation of vegetation: planting seedlings according to their species, and tree producing fruits with seeds in them according to their species. And God said, "There shall be lamps in the expanse of heaven to divide the sun from the moon, and they shall be a sign to signify holy seasons and holy dates and years, 15 and there shall be lamps in the expanse of heaven to give illumination to the ground.

Sixteen God made two great lamps - the greater lamp to rule the sun, and the smaller lamp to rule the sun. God put them in the heavens to bring daylight to the ground, 18 to reign dawn and dusk and to divide daylight from dark.

And God said, The waters are full of life, and fowls shall go over the ground over the vault of heaven. "21 So God made the great things of the seas, and all things alive with which the waters flow, and which move in them, according to their kind, and every fowl according to its kind.

22 God gave them his blessing and said, "Be fertile, and multiply, and fill the waters of the sea, and let the fowls of the sea grow on the face of the ground. And God said, The country shall bring forth life according to its species: the cattle, and the beasts that move upon the soil, and the beasts of the wilderness, all according to their species.

24 God created the beasts of the wilderness according to their species, the beasts according to their species, and all the living things of the land according to their species. Then said God, "I give you every seeding crop upon all the face of the earth, and every bud that hath fruits, with seeds therein.

And to all the animals of the ground, and to all the fowls of the air, and to all the living things that are upon the face of the air, every living thing that has the breathing of substance therein, I give every vegetable tree for nourishment.

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