The Genesis Framework

About the Genesis Framework

The Genesis is my favorite theme because it was developed for the developer. WordPress themes framework that works: <font color="#ffff00">-==- sync:ßÇÈâÈâ

WorldPress has revolutionised the simplicity and performance of what a website (or blog) can do and be. Now with the advent of thematic frames, you can take WordPress even further (and even manage the WordPress hostings along with it). The Genesis Framework for WordPress is much more than just a WordPress topic, as you will see in a second.

It is a basic framework for flawless coding developed to meet three important goals. When you know something about how it works (don't be afraid if you don't, Genesis will take good care off a bunch of it for you), you know that Google spends brownie points on neat codec.

Genesis Framework does most of the work for you, so you can get back to work. If you' re not a rock star designer, it can be a full-time Gig to be informed about the latest trends in search engine optimization, WordPress and safety. Genesis Framework reacts and adjusts to these continuous enhancements. Updating to new WordPress releases, plug-ins and your design can be stressing and unpleasant.

You may be afraid that all the work you've put into designing and customizing your website will vanish into the air as soon as you press this obscure "Upgrade" key. And the good news is that our StudioPress staff has been working to make the Genesis Framework upgrading proces a breeze.

When you' re more concerned about destroying your website with upgrade than when you' re a hacker crashing, you have the bad idea. By clicking this refresh icon, Genesis solves the volatile issues of safety and WordPress compliance for you. All of this without getting too close to the look of your website, which is completely covered by the use of "children's themes".

Imagine Genesis (the framework) as your automobile, complete with the motor, the gearbox, and the thousand of parts that make it work. StudioPress 42 children's models are the paintwork that makes your automobile so fucking sexy. Here the auto analogue collapses a bit: The really clever thing about using children's topics is the possibility to modify the "paint" of your website within a few moments without damaging the basic engines that power your website.

Do you prefer one-click check of your designs? No matter whether you're creating a new website or redesigning a classics, Kind Topics give you the liberty to reinvent yourself without ever compromising the crucial undercode. The strength of a framework thus resides in its simpleness, its flawlessness and its sturdiness. Genesis Framework is the complete solution for some of the most annoying and stubborn issues on the web:

Get Genesis or a children's themed combination today!

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