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About the go Daddy Group

Go Daddy Group, Inc. "GOODADDY.COM is the world's biggest registered holder of domainnames and the flag ship of The Go Daddy Group, Inc. Go Daddy Group also owns Wild West Tomains, Inc. resellers of related names and related goods and sevices;

omains by Proxy, a privately held registry provider; omains by Starfield Technologies, a research and develop partner; and omains by Blue Razor Technologies, a membership-based discounter.

An ICANN-accredited domain Registrar, Go Daddy has more registered registrars under administration than any other. He provides up to 70% lower priced product than the competitors and backs them all up with superior 24/7 support. Because we are the exclusive creator and owner of our technologies, we do not licence any of our own software from others and do not source or relocate any of our activities.

It allows us to offer better customer service and guarantee the most progressive and competitive product and service available today. Established by Bob Parsons in 1997, the Go Daddy Group has expanded to more than 27 members. More than 1 million managed domain names. Daddy is widely recognised for his achievement as he was placed 8th at 2004 Inc.

Five hundred (500) of the country's top private enterprises; 20th place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 of 2005 (growth 8,274 percent!); and with the CNET Editor's Choice Awards 2001, the Intelligence Largest Net Gain Awards 2002, 2003 and 2005, the Intelligence Users' Choice Awards 2005 and the #1 Best Overall Registry 2003.

He also won the Arizona Corporate Excellence Award for the most rapidly expanding private firm in 2003 and the most innovating large firm in 2004. GOODADDY has become the number one domain worldwide by offering cutting edge, affordable product, the best support, and always having the best value and listen to its clients!

For example, The Go Daddy Group Inc. and its affiliates recently filed suit for having provided domains park management that uBid alleges is infringing their brands (download PDF). Scottsdale, Ariz - founded Registrar Go Daddy, says the case has no value because the US Act, known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, only covers registered users of domains, not those who register them.

"The Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler said that his bureau turned to marketers and the web-hosted firm, the Go Daddy Group, expressing concern about the type of website that contained racist ranting, promiscuous charges about designated high schools girl names and bizarre charges against designated schoolteachers.

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