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Autonomous Publication Resource Center - About - Donate - Shop - Volunteers - News. DIE Voice of the independent publishing industry The attempt to find a novel through a loudspeaker is a strange thought, not least because it removes a part of our controls from us. Of course, as a reader, it is important to take a copy off the bookshelf and open the lid before we choose to spend a lot of our money on it."

"It' s the distinction between a revealing talk with a boyfriend and listening to a speech on keynote on stage. Smoking their meat smelled cute, like timber from a sitting grass trunk, but when men inhaled it, they became ill."

DIE Voice of the independent publishing industry

These 410 medal winners represented more than 41 US states, Guam and the District of Columbia, 6 Canada and 12 foreign states. These are the winners of our 83 General Classes Golden, silver and bronce medals. Click on the following link for medal winners in the Regional, E-Book and Superior Kategorie sections. Organical architecture beyond Frank Lloyd Wright, BRONZE: Two countries:

Flashmemoir, SILVER: The financial calendar: BRONZE: The Authenticity Experiment: How American families cope in a world of uncertainty: Lectures from the best and worst year of my life, BRONZE:

The Independent Publishing Resource Center | A Portland, OR Non-Profit, which enables creativity, identification and fellowship by offering customized approach to development tool and resource for independent publishing of art and music.

Don't just spend on our large and affordable studios - spend on the outdoor research programmes we run in Oregon colleges and jails. Be it at reception or with project-oriented volonteers, we are fortunate to work with some of the region's most gifted performers, authors, teachers, designer and culture enthusiasts.

Become part of our teams! Not only do you have easy entry to our large studios and cheap copies, but you also invest in the company itself.

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