The Internet web

Internet Web

Internet card Changing between sites creates hyperlinks, and the greater the connection, the nearer the sites become to each other. In order to make an analogy out of the classic physical, one can say that web sites are electric loaded objects, while connections between them are feathers. Feathers contract similar sites, and the load does not let the body border each other and push sites apart when there is no connection between them.

Initially, all these elektrified objects (websites) are accidentally dispersed on the card's orbit. Then, under the impact of the applied force, the web sites begin to move and come to a standstill in a while - attracting force now becomes repulsive force, the system has achieved its balance.

In addition, an analogue can be derived from the field of quantum mechanics. Here, a website is a corporeal object with a limited earth size, a solitary human being is the earth quantity - the much talked about, not yet found Bosson of Higgs (note: was found in 2012), while the user's act of moving between locations is the gravity quantity - the gravity, another hyperothetical part.

Maps of the Internet are a photograph of the worldwide networks from the end of 2011. More than 350,000 sites from 196 different nations and all domains. More than 2 million information sites have linked to each other and some of them have grouped together to form current cluster sites.

It was to be anticipated that the biggest cluster would be made up of domestic web pages, i.e. web pages that belong to one state. In order to keep things simple, all web pages that refer to a specific countries have the same colour. It is important that the cluster on the card is loaded with semantics, i.e. it connects web pages according to their contents.

One example is a huge porn group between Brazil and Japan and a large number of smaller groups combining sites in the same sector or for similar use. Globally, the Internet is a technology of civilisation, and its extraordinary complexities exceed anything humanity has ever made.

So you can divide my spending and let more poeple see the beauties of the Internet.

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