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Looking - space. Looking - look. The best Woocommerce theme for Online Fashion Store.

WordPress Responsive Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme by toemon

Check out WordPress theme: WordPress Look theme is a highly reactive Wordpress WooCommerce theme that is perfect for those brand owners and merchants looking for their store now. It' s equipped with a variety of functions that make your e-commerce website a pleasure to use. In addition to a sleek visual appearance, some of the most eye-catching characteristics of this multi-faceted theme are the high-performance WooBooster feature, comparator functions, enhanced intuitional searching and mega-menu to name a few.

This multi-purpose WP theme is well suitable for clothing shops, fashion shops, clothing shops and much more. Enhanced functions:

LOOK -Operation and Use

Thanks for choosing to purchase LOOK! Many thanks for buying our WordPress Theme at ThemeForest. In case you have a question that goes beyond the help files, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via the article's help tabs under Themeforest. Or you can join me on Themeforest to keep abreast of all topic upgrades and upcoming topics.

To continue installing the theme, make sure you have the latest WordPress 3.5+ on your own website. So if you are new to WordPress, I would suggest you learn a little about it before you start. In the following you will find useful ressources to help you get familiar with WordPress:

If you want to use this theme in WordPress, you should use the WordPress Theme uploader to directly load the Unpack the downloaded files and find them in the look. zip-files. If you are only downloading the theme pack, please omit this part. Login to your administrator panels and search for Appearance ? Themes.

Please obey the directions by selecting the "" folder contained in the archives you download from ThemeForest and click on the Apply Now icon. Once the download is complete, click Enable. Please obey the following step to download, deploy and enable each plug-in. Another way to add this theme is to use the FTP client to load it.

Irrespective of which of the two methods you select, use this method if you have problems installing via Wordpress. Log in to your FTP accounts and browse to your WordPress setup folder. The Redux Framework - This is an important theme plug-in, these are the theme option of the theme and you need to have it installed before you can do anything with the theme.

Imports Ruby - If you want to easily get all the demonstrations in one click, you need to have it installed and activated, you can also deactivate it after completing the installation. This plug-in informs you when our topic is refreshed. Installation: Installation: Install the plug-in and type in your Envato Marketplace user name & and your Application Programming Interface (API) number.

It is recommended that you download these plug-ins to get more out of the topic. For installation we suggest other plugins: EmailChimp for WordPress - EmailChimp for WordPress, the best of it all. Easily include your WordPress page to your MailChimp list of subscription customers. Widgets Importer & Exporter - MailChimp for WordPress, the absolutely best.

Easily include your WordPress page to your MailChimp list of subscription customers. It is possible to deactivate and delete "Regenerate thumbnails" and "Widget Importer & Exporter" after you have finished setting up the theme. My strong recommendation was to run the demo only on a new WordPress page. If you already have information, try importing theme items and widgets. For more information, see the topic list.

The Look theme allows you to either build your website from the ground up or use one of our demonstration websites as a base and customize it to your needs. The Look has an one-click importer function. In order to install one of the demonstration websites, please perform these steps:

If you are still in the middle of an ongoing export, please be careful not to leave this page. The page is updated when the export is complete. After 5 minutes, if the trial is still not working, you can reload the page and click Importieren again. This design comes with a . nxml document containing demonstration contents that you can easily upload to your WordPress page.

Proceed as follows to load the demonstration content: Browse to Tools ? Import. If the Importer plug-in is not already included, please click on Wordpress Download (install it now). Choose the Theme options. text files in the Library that you download from ThemeForest. Using the TextTender, open this document, highlight all the text, and then copy it.

Browse to Look(Theme options) ? Imported/Exported. Left-click Into From Folder. and then insert text that you just pasted. Then click on Importieren (2 times). Then click the Export icon. Choose the Widget. like Library Files you download from ThemeForest and click the Upload Files icon.

When migrating from a theme that uses the WordPress native image capabilities, please use the Regenerate Images Files plug-in to change the size of all your thumbnails. Just click on the above links and get the free plug-in, and follow the instructions to get all the information you need.

The Topic Option allows you to take easy command of your website by uploading your own logos and favorites, designing the theme with your own colours, changing font styles, turning functions on and off, inserting customized codes for your themes, inserting analytics without writing any codes.

Prior to making the first settings, you should first click the Save Options buttons to add all the standard information to the base and make sure everything looks good. Stage 2: Set up the page layout: Once you have selected the "Page Composer" style sheet, you will see the Page Composer user surface, with which you can simply generate the homepage design.

Area with full width - Displays contents without side bar. It has a side bar area - Displays contents with side bar. In the " Front Page Displays " box, choose " Astatic page " In the " Front page: " drop-down list, please choose your " Homepage " page. Blogs page options: Categories Layouts - Choose the layouts for all categories. 1 st classical mail - Activate the classical mail lay-out for the 1 st classical mail.

Locationidebar - Choose the location of the locationidebar for all categories. It overrides the standard side bar location. To set it up for each of the categories, please follow the procedure below: Browse to Posts > Categories, then choose a categories you want to modify, and then click the "[ ] button at the bottom of the page. You will see the LOOK CATEGORY OPTIONS section - Choose the section you want to group.

In order to make a new contribution, please browse to the contributions at ? Add New. The Look supports four WordPress natively formatted postforms. Every style has its own user-defined boxes (except standard) for easy authoring. Movie - if you choose this option, a user-defined "Video Post" window will appear below the editors. Galerie - if you choose this option, a user-defined entry window "Galeriebeitrag" will appear below the gallery area.

Music - if you choose this option, a user-defined "Audio Post" window will appear below the text area. Using any of the choices in this section, you can wish for what happens in each posting and place it in various places on your site. The first paragraph - you can choose a hat or look for each contribution.

Mail side bar - You can allocate the side bar for each contribution. It overrides the standard Mail side bar in some settings. Locationidebar - You can choose the location of the locationidebar for every posting. Display comments field - you can deactivate the comments for each contribution. It overrides the standard Mail side bar in some settings.

You have two options to adjust the design without modifying your kernel data. It is important not to modify the theme's main theme folders, because every times we refresh the theme, you lose your changes. If you want to design the design with user-defined custom code, go to Look -> Customizing Code. Following the plugin's instructions, generate a valid text document and compile the desired text.

Locate the look.pot in the theme pack, download it and open it with POEDIT. Compile the desired test and store it, i.e.: pt_PT( pt_PT is an internationalization codename, pt_PT is Portugues), you must store the filename to adapt it to your own use. You can update this topic regularly to include new functions and troubleshoot issues.

If a new fix is available, an fix notice will appear on your WordPress dashboard. If you are a client, you can always get the latest versions from your ThemeForest accounts.... The Envato Market Plugin for WordPress was designed by Envato. Use this to get notifications about alerts about topics you have bought from ThemeForest, and to upgrade your ThemeForest content directly from your WordPress administration area using a single click.

Click on aktiv this plug-in after installing it. Select the new Envato Market shortcut from the drop-down list and click on the button to open the Envato Market window. Unpack the packet and search for look. zip in the theme directory. Unpack the packet and search for look. zip in the theme directory. Then install the appearance as a new design and then install Interactive Design.

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