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Dealer theme

Retailer is a best-selling premium WooCommerce theme. It' a sub-theme of the storefront theme, so it needs to be installed first, along with the WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce functionality. This topic also includes a review markup so that your products can receive the star rating in the search results. Retailer is a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

Retailer - Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme

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Retailers eCommerce WordPress Topic

As soon as this is available, do we need to start by downloading " the store front theme " because it is a sub theme? If it is a sub-theme, once it is upgraded, can we lose all customizations, do we need to have a sub-theme for that sub-theme? Hello Walter, yes, you have to instal the store front theme before you can use Retailer as your children theme.

A good idea for changing the children's theme...there is currently no way to create a children's theme for a children's theme. Oh, I really enjoy the look. How do you make it possible for the full length of the roundabout to be displayed? Well, I don't seem to be able to do it from the point of view of the subject. Updated the theme, but I can't find an optional way to create a features page like the one in the standard page demonstration.

I' ve tried to imitate the demonstration page that comes with a slide bar and a products page above. Hello John, to imitate the demonstration, simply build a statical page and use the Homepage templates. Please send all your questions to our Helpdesk for further information, this just means that any responses we can give could help others.

Hello Charlet, great theme! It works like a charme! Just one thing, there's a way to modify the aim of the top level side menus icons? Thanks in advance. Thank you. l loved the draft. Do I have a demonstration that I can use on my website?

You must also perform these tasks to get the homepage page layouts as on the demonstration site for this topic: Homepage templates include the sliders and categories link as on the demonstration page. Hello Javier, the latest WordPress release is always the best. Otherwise, upcoming upgrades will override your changes locally.

Hello Simon, I'm not sure what you mean by online content but I can say that the theme's features are all controlled by the storefront. The dealer only adapts the frontend style. Hello Charles, thank you for coming back to me, I found out, it was the joint use of products in the shop, also what is the solution to the cashbox?

Concerning the cash register, are you using the latest release of Retailer? Hello Charles, great subject! I' m happy you like the subject. It is possible, but you have to modify the theme templates file (header.php). Normally I would say that you should make the design a sub design first so that your adjustments are not obscured by further upgrades.

However, this topic is already a children topic and at this stage there is no idea of a children of a children topic. Hello Charles, I have updated to the latest Storefront release. I' ve also reviewed it and it's the latest retailer release. I am using the latest Storefront and WooCommerce versions on the demonstration page and have no such problems.

Guess you still have some user-defined changes to your style sheet or templates that affect the look and feel here. I' ve just cleared and re-installed both Storefront and Retailer and disabled all user-defined codes and it's still the same problem. Yeah, all disabled except Woocommerce. Hello Niklas, your copy of Retailer (or Storefront) still looks individual to me.

Sure you' re sure you recovered the initial look without any adjustments? The old ones (Retailer and Storefront) were removed, freshly download from this website and reinstalled. But is there a way to allow auto-scrolling on the homepage of the merry-go-round instead of having users click on them?

I am very happy with your topics, but I have a little bit of a dilemma. Now I have stored the pattern as "Homepage", but none of them. Hello, dear topic, but just refreshed storefront and everything is broken / all side bars gone (despite customization per page showing that they are still adjusted to the standard layout )... any advise that is highly valued! Is it better for me to stop using this children's topic now in order to prevent such future issues?

I just upgraded our storm front on our demonstration site, and that does indeed mean that we need to release an upgrade with some smaller orientation problems for pictures and title on the archives pages. Have you made any changes to the topic html or cans for your site? Beautiful design, I put it in my blogshop and it looks great.

Hello, Jim, I'm happy you like the subject. Hi Jim, you can now dowload the new retailer game. Hi Jim, I really enjoy this topic, it's just great for my site! My website should look exactly like the demonstration, and I have two questions: Hello Alex, I'm happy you like the subject.

I' ve just noticed that this is a small interruption...we will fix it in the next one.

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