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Interviewee: Multi Genre London Band THE THEME The The The Theme Theme come from London and have earned an outstanding international following since their inception in 2011. Sold out concerts at 100 Club and Clapham Grand as well as supportslots with Ocean ColourScene and Steve Craddock have made The The The Theme a favourite part of the club as well. This band has new stuff planned for November publication.

Doors and Pink Floyd were my early influence, but the greatest impact since I wrote The Who. Right now I hear the DMA'S and The Beatles, they (The Beatles) are a band you can hear over and over again. What is the band doing most of the work on the recordings and productions?

Whether it's working in the gym and producing your own tracks, or appearing and interfacing with a crowd, what do you like? It'?s a pleasure to record at home and record demonstrations for long periods of time, but it's not the same as the hum you get on stages, so I have to like that. What of your own originals will get your emotions and adrenaline going the most when you perform them?

Which of your tracks do you think has given you your best ever achievement from a technique and emotion point of views? Here She Comes' from earlier publications and Liquid', which is on our next album, is Perfection. In your opinion, how important is the videotape in terms of your music?

Unauthorized acts must be 100% flawless in everything they do, even more so than authorized acts. There are many groups that have been formed with a huge fan base that only release video from album artwork, and they can get away with it, for untitled groups that are considered lazy and don't show enough passion or pride, but for untitled groups everything is limited to the money.

What of your video clips would you suggest to the band's newscasters? Light up your song writing, shooting and manufacturing process. Who''s taking in the band about what? I' ve been writing 99% of the tracks so far and Chris will have more tracks he has been writing on upcoming albums, along with Pete who showed me some demo tracks.

So the process on the LP'Liquid' that will be out on November 17th - was that I did a home demonstration, sent the song to Chris (the band singer) and then he will pick up his voice and return it to me. When we are lucky we will show the band, then we practice the song for a few week so they can put their stamp on the song before we go to the soundstage.

We' re one of the most democratically minded groups you'll ever see. Since they are not signed and financed by all band members, it would be ridiculous not to tell everyone their own words about how they see a particular music. There are very gifted people in the band and I am happy that they are working on some of the tunes I have made.

So if you could do one thing about how the record store works today, what would that be? Produced scores and shows like the famous X-Factor have permanently altered the musical industries and severely corrupted them! Great Britain's musical landscape is more powerful than I've seen for years. You knew that when you went to Bull and Gate on a Saturday night, the Bill band was good and they were there on credit and work.

Looking at audiences, I went to a place where I didn't know who he was on, but you knew that Saturday evenings in a Camden location would supply you with proper audiences. The "Liquid" shall be published on 1 November. What do you think can be seen as a highlight of all your successes for the band?

Hit the sky' winner of the best ep at the Galaxy Musik Awards. To play great locations and support some great groups has to be right there. While you work your way through your careers, what more than anyone else is driving your mood - a Grammy Awards, multi-platinum selling of your songs, or another palpable landmark we know nothing about except glory and toil?

Or do you think that it has only created a bunch of average copy-and-paste performers that are flooding the web and making it hard for true talents to show up? Everybody produces pretty high level stuff, I've been listening to home recoding's that are great, I just have the feeling that they are saturated and the best artist or song doesn't get the recognition they merit.

I' ve seen how a band recorded earlier albums after being contracted to a big labels and it just doesn't work. Which is the best tip regarding the musical shop that you have actually followed so far, and which is the tip that you have not followed, but now know for sure that you should have it?

Once I was said to be myself, I think that's what "The Subject" tries to be at all time. What would you say about the musical length of The The Theme, the length of a tweet, to someone who has never even listened to the band before? From all the surnames in the galaxy, why "The Topic", and whose was it?

Well, the brief is that we were stranded because of a name and I said that in the 90' s I was in a band named The The Theme Theme and everyone said that was enough and it stayed. And we were The Dirty Cogs, so happy that we really did change the name. Between us I think we all add something extra to the band, we have a singular tone and a singular feeling for the band, so I think one thing that I would never be willing to make compromises about is our sonic.

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