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Could you still build a sustainable company on ThemeForest? What better way to sell WordPress themes now? With ThemeForest, the problem is. Envato, the creator of the ThemeForest theme and templates space, is one of the most contentious businesses in the WordPress eco-system. So has Envato found a gap in the market and built a firm that offers its clients what they want?

Are all the guys complaining about this just complaining?

Is ThemeForest really a market place for poor topics? These are the reasons for supporting ThemeForest. ThemeForest' s track record shows that most users like what ThemeForest has to offer: low-cost topics that offer everything they need to create an entirely new website, in an easily searchable user experience. A BlogEx post describes exactly how ThemeForest resolved the problem on the Thememarktplatz.

When you perform a Google WordPress theme lookup, you'll see an infinite number of free and high-quality topics. To new WordPress user this infinite listing is extreme overpowering. Where do they know which theme to choose? At ThemeForest, however, you can flip through dozens of topics, all from different theme creators or businesses, organised by different sectors, with ratings and commentaries.

This makes the topic of buying simpler than ever. A recent WP Tavern articles explaining why they came back to ThemeForest after leaving told the Array themed store. Array is an already existing theme store. Think of a themed writer who is new to the business. It would be incredibly hard, if not even possible, for them to resell topics without using ThemeForest.

Although this is not a tough and quick rules, it seems that if you want to be selling topics these days, you have to be on ThemeForest. I' d like to introduce this point by pointing out that this doesn't mean anything about ALL the topics and topic creators in ThemeForest; but it does mean the vast majority of those I've worked with and many other creators have worked with.

Most of the WordPress community's main problem with ThemeForest is that many of the topics on the plaza have low-quality coding that does not conform to best practice in the business. A practice is the separation of topics and plug-ins. Many ThemeForest topics, however, come with a number of plug-ins or contain plug-in functions within the theme itself.

Japh notes in his blog: "The issue is mainly WordPress theme developer contain WordPress plugin that can be based on WordPress removed or overwritten by WordPress kernel function. "This causes favored Plugins like Gravity Forms not to work correctly. In addition to all this information about encoding practice, Slobodan Manic's most striking message is that the topics that make the most profit at ThemeForest are the ones that provide the most feature.

Those are topics that are promoted as full website solution. A lot of subject writers are starting to compete who has the most functions. More and more of their design elements are integrated into their work. However, by constructing these feature within the theme, she is creating a problem that Ren Ventura called " Theme-Lock": Let's say you buy a design that has build in capabilities that are visually integrated into the user experience.

However, if you change the theme, none of these shortcuts will work because they were linked to the previously theme's one. In this way, any adjustments you make to the visuals will be forfeited unless you return to the theme you were working on. You' re now bound by this subject. Difficulties with bad encoding as well as inadequate transferability of information may not seem like a big problem to most customers until they take a back seat.

Think of a person who purchases a theme from ThemeForest, set it up on their website, and one or two months later either encounters a safety problem or has trouble getting their website moved to another theme. They do not distinguish the WordPress kernel softwares, themmes and plug-ins as distinct units for the typical customer.

For them, everything is just WordPress. So, if a topic has problems, they see it as a WordPress problem. Such poorly encoded topics affect the whole WordPress eco-system as a whole. I talked in one of my earlier posts about how inexpensive ThemeForest topics keep end people from using WordPress more.

So if you have a poor past with a poorly encoded topic, why should you want to take a chance with another topic? Think about it... it's all WordPress in her eye. As many subject writers have no incentives to produce higher value topics, Envato must introduce and implement stricter encoding procedures.

Envato had tried to push for higher code levels, but as Justin Tadlock said, Envato quickly began to address some of the grievances from the thematic author communities. I think Envato and its writers are focusing on the short-term gains they can make, not the long-term gains that can be a problem when looking to the longer run.

No, I don't want ThemeForest to go away. It' I think is a precious good for the WordPress fellowship, but it needs to make some changes. They must improve the qualitiy of the topics that they allow on their market place. As the strongest theme market place, it has the capacity to control these changes.

Yes, it can result in a small decrease in revenues in the near future, but in the long run it will develop as a strong and better business and enhance the WordPress fellowship as a whole. At the moment, theme writers are increasingly add functionality that does not fit into a theme, either because of competitive or consumer demands.

There may be a new market place that allows only topics that reflect best practice in the sector, and consumer can begin to buy from this new market place as they recognise the importance of encoding excellence for their businesses. Not to mention that so many users are disappointed by WordPress because of the problems they have, they can simply exit WordPress together for another CMS.

How do you feel about ThemeForest? Yanofsky Brandon is a WordPress developers and entrepreneurs. More of his WordPress hints and insights can be found on his website or visit his WordPress support at

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