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Irland time zone location map borders. While Arizona falls into the Mountain Standard time zone, because it does not observe daylight savings time, it is the same time as Pacific Time halfway through the year. Eastern Time Zone is also known as Eastern Standard Time (EST), which mainly falls on the east coast of North America. Explore the time zone in which Indiana cities and communities are located. Summer time means that Indiana changes its clocks in autumn and spring.

Actual time in Ireland

It'?s late in Ireland? Would you like to see the time in Ireland in comparison to your home? Select a date and time, then click Send, and we'll help you get the time from Ireland to your time zones. Check out our World Meeting Planner and get a colour graphic that compares the time of day in Ireland with all the other sites around the world that others will be attending.

In the process of making an Irish long haul call to Ireland? Only confirm the time?

Arizona time zone: Standard mountain time

No Arizona summer time is observed from March to November each year, so the time in Phoenix, Flagstaff and other Arizona towns for half the year will be different from other places in the Mountain Standard Time (MST) area. In other words, from March to November during summer time, the time in Arizona is the same as that of the California Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) area.

The Mountain Standard Time is seven h rs behind Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC) during Standard Time and eight hrs behind Daylight Saving Time, but Phoenix stays seven hrs behind because it is not set to Daylight Saving Time. The other states in the MST area are Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, and parts of Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Texas also belong to this area.

No matter whether you visit Phoenix or Flagstaff, the knowledge of how to set your clock back when you get to Arizona will help you keep on time during your itinerary. Note, however, that when you visit the South Navajo Nation, summer time is observed. Though summer time was set by the 1966 Act with the adoption of the Uniform Time Act, a state or territory may decide not to respect it.

On the other hand, it must always monitor summer time at the same time as the United States if it decides to monitor this changing time. Arizona State Legislature agreed not to comply with the new law in 1968, mainly because of the cost of refrigerating houses in the evening after work.

As Arizona usually achieves triple-digit temperature for most of the summers, the resulting "extra hrs of daylight" only increased the cost of climate control, as homes would spend more of their time on sultry heats. Although legislature has been implemented in Arizona several times in recent years to begin observing DST like the rest ofthe land, every time it has been struck with indignation by locals.

Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands - and Indiana until 2005 - are other areas in the USA that do not comply with summer time. Even though mobile telephones and smart watches have made the manual update of time on your travel equipment almost redundant, it can still be advantageous to know how to compute time in Arizona on the basis of coordinated world time.

Like Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich Mean Time uses the prime meridian (0 degree longitude) in London, England, to measure sun time. It is the benchmark for setting watches and understanding time around the globe. Because neither the state of Arizona nor the Universal Time, Coordinated Observing Summer Time, Arizona is always UTC-7-seven consecutive hour behind the Universal Time.

When you know what the ATC is, no matter what season it is, you can always know that you are only seven minutes behind in Arizona.

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