The Time what Time is it

Time, what time it is.

It was recorded at Sunset Sound and Prince's Home Studio in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Morris Day's exclamation, which was associated with the theater on the band's stage, and which is often heard on the band's debut album, gave the album its title. Percussion [electronic] - Jesse JohnsonWritten-By - The Time.

Well, what time is it? Whoa!

Was Time Is It? is a 1982 record of The Time. Produced at Sunset Sound and Prince's Home Studios in the Minneapolis area. Morris Day's proclamation that the song was associated with the theater on the band's stages, which is also often heard on the band's d├ębut record, gave the song its name.

What Time Is It? shows a more dense and innovative Minneapolis tone and produces three singles: "777-9311," "The Walk," and "Gigolos Get Lonely Too." Albums producing three single releases were published before the 777-9311 Albums, Gigolos Get Lonely Too and The Walk. 2 albums. One of Prince's opening songs, The Time toured the tour in 1999 to support the record.

On the billboard the record reached 26th place 200 and second place on the Top Soul records. Ultimately, the record was awarded certification as golden by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for selling over 500,000 units in the United States. "777-9311 " "The walk" "Gigolos gets lonely too" "I don't want to abandon you".


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1982 Warner Bros.

Albums: Well, what time is it?

This is the second of The Time's albums and was published in August 1982, 13 month after their first record, The Time. As with the prior record, What Time Is It? was largely composed, taped and made by Prince and contained no contributions from members other than Morris Day, although all members were awarded credits.

Of the six tracks, four were composed as The Time and two as Morris Day, but Prince composed all six (with texts to Wild And Loose by Dez Dickerson). For the first time the record was made in two session. Gigolo's Get Lonely Too, The Walk and Wild And Loose were released in mid-January 1982.

777-9311, Onedayi' mgonnabesomebody and I Don't Wanna Let You were added in May or June 1982. Only Morris Day and Prince are featured on all songs on the record, apart from Vanity's voice on The Walk. Further songs that have been added to the record for possible recording were Jerk Out (later published by The Time on Pandemonium), International Lover (released by Prince in 1999), Bold Generation and Colleen.

It featured three single productions, 777-9311 (which preceeded the album), The Walk, and Gigolos Get Lonely Too and The Time supporting the record by toured as one of Prince's opening act on the 1999 tour. Recorded in 26th place on the US Billboard Pop Chart and 2nd place on the US Billboard Soul LP's Chart.

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