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Of course, the change of power made the first page known in the Times. Cobrapost Sting shows the Times Group how money is king. While it is not clear who said these words first - some say it was a corporation executive, others say it was one of the group' s shareholders - CEO Vineet Jain himself gave formal approval to the concept when he said it to Ken Auletta in the New Yorker: Maybe that's why not many were shook when Jain and one of his biggia corporations were captured in front of the cameras who agree to sponsor Hindutva contents through the group's many mediumship features for a suggested issue of 500 crore rubles, some of which the "customer" - an undercover journalist for Cobrapost - said he could only be paying with cash.

At the Cobrapost synopsis, Jain and Sanjeev Shah, Managing Presidents of Bennett Coleman and Co. one can see him talking about a substantive transaction with the narcover journalist Pushp Sharma, who pretends to be "Acharya Atal", a man who identifies himself as the exponent of an untitled "Sangathans" or an organization, but gave the appearance of being from Nagpur-based Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS).

At the first encounter between Shah and the "acharya" you can see how the former boast about the Times Group's range and strong relationships with those in authority. Meanwhile, he incidentally refers to Maharashtra head secretary Devendra Fadnavis and prime secretary Narendra Modi visiting Jain and his mom respectively, while pushing "Acharya Atal" to raise his spending to attract Jain's interest.

Alleging that the press group achieved a gain of 2,000 rubles in March 2018, Shah proposes that the Changathan consider paying at least 1,000 rubles to make sure they have Jain's attentions. The second part of the video shows Jain talking about the contentsheet. Jain as "Acharya Atal" says, "Matlab declines my impartial lagna chahiyae", promising "to take good care of their business interests in 2019" and recommends them to "sell Hindutva as spirituality".

"We' re gonna turn this into voices and pay out dividends," he says to Jain. Jain also warned Jain against changing camp in 2019 if the Safran parties were unable to gain the mandates. One then hears the "Acharya" which explains a three-step advertising effort to sell "soft Hindutva" in the name of Lord Krishna and Bhagwad Gita, followed by the use of semi-political materials.

According to him, they have been preparing sarcastic contents that make jokes about "pappu, bua und babua" - nicknamed for congressional head Rahul Gandhi, BSP head Mayawati and former Uttar Pradesh secretary Akhilesh Yadav. If Jain is seen hindering from the contented ideals of his future clients the only case is when he proposes to ask Femina Miss India affiliate queries related to Hindutva.

But Jain is known for showing a strong interest in conducting the competition. At this point, the three of them will discuss the payments made. Acharya Atal" is insisting on pay them in money, Jain and Shah explain that they prefer checks as means of payments and say that their business has no use for money.

For the first three months, then, a three-part system will be proposed by Shaarman, in which three royalties of 182 rubles will be paid to the Times Group once the contents schedule is adopted. In fact, Jain even offered to manage the funds through "his Glasgow-based company", but Jain insisted that the funds be sent by check.

By the way, the amount under discussion - 500 rubles is 500 rubles - alone equals 5% of the 9,976 rubles the Times group deserved in 2017. At their second gathering, Shah "Acharya Atal" announced that they have already set up an in-house group that will work across the group's many sites to take charge of the contents in the shape of video, TV shows, etc. The members of the staff will be responsible for the entire group.

Jain and Shah again are insisting on check payments instead of currency as the charya asks them to pay at least 10% of the entire amount (50crore rupees ) in the form of money. Shah and Jain agreed, after some convincing, to take money as the last installment at the end of the first trimester.

They then go on to talk about the business people's identities through whose company funds the Times Group can be run to ensure that no one can associate the shangathan with this transaction. Then Jain and Shah suggest that "Acharya Atal" uses the service of either businessman Gaurav Dalmia or the experienced investor Hemendra Kothari or the Adani Group or the Ambani Group or the Essar Group, as the Jains have amicable relationships with everyone and may be able to persuade them to forward the funds.

Samjeev Shah also mentioned someone named "Kumar" who could do this job, although it is not clear who he is. It is not clear, however, how the transaction would have been conducted in order to avoid the income tax division and the Treasury and at the same time ensure that there is no trace of papers linking the "Sangathan" with the Times Group.

Below are some of the possible concepts proposed by the Shah as part of an R500 crime deal for " the popularization and communication of the Bhagvad Gita and Lord Krishna embassy ": Similar plans have also been proposed for Times Books. This group, which includes 12 television stations such as Times Now, Mirror Now, Zoom TV and Romedy Now, was offering to shoot and production genuine TV shows.

Shah said the combined audience of the channel is over 120 million. When Shah is to be trusted, posters advertising the contents would have been placed in large towns like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. Filmfare Awards, The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence, Mirchi Music Awards, Femina Miss India and TOIFA Awards would also have been used to transmit the contents.

The Times Group's Junglee Pictures, which has directed Dil Dhadakne Do, Talvar and Bareilly Ki Barfi, could make long length fiction and shorts that focus on the sangha' ideal. Times Music should also include "distinguished musicians and artists " and organize international and international events. The Times Group's online business, which welcomes more than 232 million monthly uniquely qualified viewers, who together count 10 people.

Four billion page impressions and 10 billion hours of web and cell phone time would have produced "fictional and documental content". "It is the largest in the group and can be used for mass deployment and access," Shah said. In the meantime, Times Studio, a new complement to the group, would have been used to "develop and manufacture high-quality digitised contents for OTT portals and brands".

Samir Jain, known by his employees as "VC", often receives most of the Times Group's triumph, while Medianet - a BCCL money-cow - is known to be the intellectual product of Vineet Jain. This is the official way advertiser buy ad spaces, but employees say it also gives them some room for items on the news pages.

Caravan described the schema best when it distinguished him. "It is an evangelical fact that Narendra Modi is the best premier in the land. Honorable PM Mike Bennett has initiated a change of direction in the country's progress..." - an Times Group Mumbai Mirror post.

Times Group did not always have a warm relation with the dominant group. At the last moment, if rumours are to be trumpeted, Modi, who was to be the main visitor to the Economic Times' Global Business Summit in March 2017, withdrew from the meeting and left the press group red-faced.

The NewsLaundry newspaper referred to various resources that gave several grounds for the PM's refusal to participate: from the newspaper's reports on the UP surveys to Vineet Jain's critically "de-monetising tweets" to TOI's cartoons making Potshots to the government, mode spoofs on Radio Mirchi and so on. Modi's move came as a surprise to many because Times Group's news station, Times Now, had campaigned in favor of demonetarization - which Modi had described as necessary for dealing with illicit work.

Later on, a WhatsApp embassy in June 2017 unveiled the scope of the deal between TOI writers and the Narendra Modi administration. News that the newspaper's editor-in-chief inadvertently sent to an in-house TOI group of journalists included lobbying on Arun Jaitley, Secretary of the Treasury, together with the former Economic Times and OPEN editorial staff on account of an undisclosed personal earnings officer.

The paper never explained why it pulled the connector for the message from its website. Another history of the Times of India's Jaipur issue in September 2017, which criticized the government's Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana of Narendra Modi, was removed from the newspaper's website within a few short working days of publication.

Initially, we refuse to answer any of your motivational and colourful queries that assume that the contents presented by are real. Our extensive reply had been given to, who refuted all their vicious allegations against us, but our release was not incorporated into theirs.

Contents presented by are strongly falsified, imperfect and were selectively presented by us with the help of Out of Contact Statement. They have been insincere and vicious in their coverage, especially when they have all the important information about us that they comfortably did not take into account.

Since there was only one action to catch the agent of and produce him as a fraud, no real deals were made and no exchange of funds of any kind took place. Indeed, the journalist insisted on paying by bank transfer, and we kept driving him into a corner to get his support.

Our categorical statement is that we do not trade in any way in cash and that all our large businesses are legally conducted through the necessary bank trading channel. We have made representations that has misquoted and falsely presented in this connection, with good faith belief that we have acted in error. Considering the above, we recommend that you do not post any offensive or libelous material against us that is based on the unlawful and vicious allegations of unsavory and vicious entities e.g. and its reporting agents who have a history of criminality, are on bond, and who have served long periods of prison term for unlawful activity such as cheating and counterfeiting.

Hopefully, you will positively evaluate our opinions, delete libelous contents against us from your website/social medium account and will not make any further libelous statement against us. Without verification of the facts, you consent to the fact that the upload of contents from us is not ethical, inconsistent with your editorial obligations and does not correspond to a publishing company like yours.

When you are ill-considered to present the story in the same way as it is presented or otherwise vilify us, we will refrain from taking appropriate actions against your organization and also from protecting our reputations.

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