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Which technology website do I find? Interested in what kind of web site features your competitors are using? Have you ever asked yourself how to find out what kind of tech is used on a particular website? First, a Curiosity is to know how to find and comprehend what the various techniques are that are used to create this website. Many free on-line site Reporting Tool are available to let you know e-mail behind a website, what kind of OS, web servers, web technologies are used.

The Netcraft Site Report is probably one of the oldest site reporting software available that will help you find various useful information as follows. Constructed with on-line web research utility is very impressing to let you know that technolgies are used to create a website, and it also provides you with related technolgy trends in a nice graph.

Together with the technological information, you will also be informed if advertisements are used. It is interesting to see how it tracks the site on a wider scale to unveil each part. Website items - remote css, embedded CSS, compression, SPDY, HTTP/2, HSTS, SSL-Cert detail, and in the end you get a tech rating basing on your audience's likes and hits.

The Wappalyzer is a Firefox or Chrome web browsing application that detects the technology behind the website and displays the detail. I' m not sure how it is computed, but SimilarTech gives technology scores and listings like Display, Analysis, Widgets, Social Share, Phone, CDN, CMS, Medias, Open Graf, Diagram and Meta-Tags detail.

They can also be installed in the web browsers to allow fast creation of website profiles. Easier, but easier way to find out what technology is used on a particular website with ALLORA. Not all of WhatCMS's technology is available, only which CMS is used, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger and 138 others.

With Allora, you can find your customers by analysing the competitor techniques used on each website. With Allora, you get the latest news for the top 1,000,000,000 sites every day. As soon as you have understood the technique, get to know it to make it similar or better. Hopefully the above mentioned utilities will help you find the tech stacks behind every website for your research, your inquisitiveness or just plain having a good time!

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