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The Weebly Client is a basic PHP class that simplifies interaction with the Weebly REST API. interact allows you to add an interactive quiz to your Weebly website quickly and without programming knowledge. Here's the step-by-step instructions.

Veebly/ Veebly-client-php: API for using the Weebly Platform using a web application programming language (PHP) kernel.

The Weebly Client is a fundamental PHP-class that facilitates the interaction with the Weebly REST API. Further information on setting up your Weebly product can be found at Weebly Client, see for information about the different end-points you can reach with the Weebly Client. Then you can instigate a new Weebly client as such:

More information about the process of running your own yacht can be found at WeeblyClient offers some helpful features to help you through the process of using your own software.

getAccessToken Gets the permission key once you have received the required permission key in OAuth. For information on configuring the OAuth process and obtaining the $user_id, site_id, and $access_token, see You can find information about the different end-points that you can reach with the Weebly Client at

When you have a question or function request about the Weebly client, please open a new problem.

FeedWind Support

WEBLY RSS-Feeds from blog pages only. Weebly RSS can also be created using a manual method by placing your RSS feed at the end of the web page of your Weebly Blogsite. Please note: Weebly RSS RSSs are not available from legitimate Weebly pages (not on the blog) without using a third-party hosting facility. But there can be more than one blood on a web site with its own web site and its own web site with its own web site and web site with its own web site, so there is a work-around.

Insert the hyperlink into the FeedWind set-up page to build your own RSS widget. Choose the HTML/Code item with the "Embed Codes " icon and drop it onto a section on your Weebly page where you want the feed wetget to appear. In the HTML engine you just placed on your Weebly page, click the Edit Custom HTML item.

Insert the Widget-Code from the FeedWind set-up page into this item using the Save & Get key. Tip: You can insert more than one widget into the HTML area, if necessary. Just click somewhere outside the HTML editing field and you should see your new HTML widget for your Weebly page.

Please note: It may take a few seconds for it to appear in the preview, as Weebly must make a request to us to update the HTML and view the broadget. If you are publishing the page, your FeedWind RSS widget should appear on your Weebly website first.

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