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This tutorial tells you everything about the Wix Editor and how to use the tools it contains. Short answer is yes! When you find that your Wix Editor looks different than the above layout, it might be because you are using an older version of the Wix Editor! Use the WIX Editor to create your website.

Designer Wix Tip: Will Wix Editor work with Microsoft Surface Go? Wix Designer | Wix Designer | Denver Web Design

Will the Wix Editor work on Microsoft Interface Go? Wix Website Editor works well in Microsoft Facebook Go Browser on Microsoft Facebook PC. But I had to change the S mode of my Interface to Windows 10 Home to get better performance from the Wix Editor by installing Srome.

Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's standard web navigator, needs an unusually long loading period to open the editor, so it doesn't seem perfect. Also I had to update to speed up the whole system as it was very sluggish by standard. Here is the complete history and instructions if you want to buy a Microsoft Surface Go and use it with the Wix Editor:

The first time I turned on my Microsoft Surface Go out of the Box, I realized that I couldn't get Edge, the standard web editor on my Microsoft Surface Go, to download the Wix Website Editor directly out of the Box when I hit Edit Site from my Wix Dashboard, it was loading a clean display when I started the editor.

I tried to try to install it to see if it loads into Chromes, but then it hits a mural. After downloading with the Edge Browsers, Windows 10 S did not let me download it and gave me a "For safety and efficiency reasons, Windows 10 S only executes verify applications. This is the fastest, safest Windows 10 S web browsing application. Would you like to add applications from outside the shop?

Said I had to take it out of Microsoft 10 "S mode" to be able to add more apps, and that S could be a " secure session " that didn't allow anything to be added (good for kids). I was also told to update all the files under Security & Updates under Preferences (accessed via the gear wheel symbol in the pop-up window of the Windows symbol at the bottom left).

Thus I was installing the fixes, which took about 20 min, and the Microsoft technician was waiting all the time, I said I could go ahead and plan a call back if necessary, but he said he was lucky to stick with it to make sure that all my queries were resolved and that I could access the Wix Editor.

Please note: Microsoft Surface Go is pre-installed with Windows 10 S-Modus ("Safe Mode"). Blocks the ability to deploy applications from the Microsoft Store only when potentially harmful applications are downloaded. executable applications from a web navigator. It is not possible to dowload and reinstall Chromes if you are in S-Modus. But the Microsoft IT type said it wasn't a big deal to turn S on.

Changing Windows 10 to Windows 10 Home only in S ( "S") is one way of doing this. Changing from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Home is free, here is the procedure: How to change from S to Windows Start Screen mode: Choose the Settings ge aring symbol directly above the start symbol in the start menue at the bottom right.

When you are finished, click Next. Click Next. Click Install when you are finished. Switching from S will only take a few seconds and you do not have to reboot. You can now download and use Google Chrome or any other application you like! After loading Chrome and trying to reboot the Wix Website Editor, it worked! I now have a great little tray that I can take with me to customer conversations to show them how the great Wix Editor works.

Being a Wix designer, I like to show and train on the Wix Editor - it's such a great website building site!

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