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The7: Choose the best multi-purpose WordPress theme for your website. WordPress The7 - Multi-purpose website construction kit for WordPress by Dream-Theme WordPress 4.9. x and WooCommerce 3.4.

x compatibility. The7 | the most customizable WordPress topic on the web! The The7 offers complete and smooth integrations with Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons. The majority of our customers have agreed that The7 is the best design that can be used with these plug-ins, up to date!

With more than 750 thematic options, it is possible to create almost any conceivable style. The 7 comes with Visual Composer Page Builders, Ultimate Addons, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Go Pricing Tables and ConvertPlug. And yes, The7 is wireless (certified by Google) and SEO-enabled. themes includes the only The7 Elements plug-in that further improves and expands the functionality of Visual Composer.

The 7 has an innovative and distinctive page template system. Enables individual selection of headers, sidebars, footers and over 230 other options for each page / contribution / projekt / etc. Would you like to know more about some of The7's functions? You' ll never say, "We can't do that, the subject won't allow it"!

The The7 has 750 thematic choices, making it the most adaptable design on the web. The7 gives you the opportunity to individually design even the smallest detail of your website! The Design Wizard makes it easy for even a novice to use The7's wide range of customization possibilities for the look and feel of The7. Most of our buyers believe that The7 is the best design that can be used with Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons.

Die7 comes with 26 pre-built dolly sites with select Slider Revolution and Visual Composer templates: The 7 has 3 customizable viewing modes: for desktops/laptops, tables and telephones. Six fundamental headers with countless variation and settings for each layout: They can also highlight pages with transparency, overlap, and heading under the slide show option.

Four portable headboards. Options to choose another headers for telephones and tables. The Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Photo Scroller and Porthole Slider come with The7. The7 offers many ways to present your work. Brickwork, lattice or listview. The7' s cutting-edge page template system allows you to see your assets such as your project portfolios, your blogs, or your teammates with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, The7's page template system allows you to create your own custom pages with a few simple mouse clicks. What's more, The7's unique page template system allows you to create your own custom pages.

The7 lets you customize the headline layouts and types, the bottom line, the side bar, and many other settings for each page / contribution / projekt / etc. In The7, you can also customize the page headers to suit your needs. With The7, you can create your own, custom style templates using any of your designs! The 7 provides a better price-performance ratio. It is 100% compliant with industry-leading SOE plug-ins such as All in One SOE Pack and Yoast SOE.

Properly designed pages based on The7 will have a better load times and better results in GTMetrix and Pingdom testing than default WordPress topics! 100% WPML compliant, The7 is 100% translatable. To see everything for yourself, please go to the The7 demo! Solved: Removed the feature "Hide feature image" in the postprocessing area.

Solved: Confusion of previous/next postal link. Fixed: The use of undeveloped'#' signs in a date URI corpus is obsolete alert in Chrome. Solved: Problem with hovering headline that covers upper part of lines when using IE anchors. Fixed: Problem in WooCommerce Products Masonry & Grid short code with pricing and descriptions not displayed in IE.

Solved: Problem with product short number showing concealed product. Solved: Problem with Photos Scroller autoslide defaults to shorter code. Further smaller enhancements and changes under the bonnet. There was a problem with the automatic scrolling of roundabouts. Brandnew: brandnew Photos Masonry & Grid shorts. If The7 requires an upgrade of the theme/plugin for reasons of compatibilty, it will display a message. Solved: Bookstrap mismatch with the "Bookly" plug-in.

Solved: Problem with text in IE having grey area. Further smaller enhancements, corrections and changes under the bonnet. The activity types can be used in the postal pattern. Solved: Problem with WooCommerce product sort in the " Brick & Raster " layouts when selecting " Sort by menus ". Fixed: Problem with the Options Wizard topic does not work if Google fonts are inactive.

Solved: Error in IE with header skipping webscreen. Further smaller enhancements & corrections in the frontend & under the bonnet. Added: Supercompatible short code "Media Gallery - Masonry & Grid". Solved: Choose2 conflicting between The7 and ACF Pro. Solved: Error with 0x0 text in WPML-widget. Fixed: Error where scrolling arrow were not displayed in the short form of Photo Scroller in the portable world.

Fixed: Error with large picture in related project. Fixed: Desynchronization between hovering text and backgrounds in the dropdown list of the menus. Solved: Combining a full-width stretched VC line with a full-width UA wallpaper causes resizing problems. Solved: Error in IE with full line width. Fixed: Error in IE with blogs titles.

Further small enhancements and corrections. 2. Fixed: Social Icons social code edit surface no longer worked. Fixed: Duplicating a testimonial in the old scroller link. Fixed: Uncommon errors when saving topic settings. Fixed: Standard key shortcut shorthand shortcut shorthand layout does not work. Solved: Problems when translating es_ES. Fixed: Visually problems with some entry boxes in topic settings.

Solved: Problem with text sliders in text Widget. Mended:: The JetPack Controversy with The7 Weapons. Solved: Problem with overlapping the contents area at the top of the merry-go-round. Solved: Problem with merry-go-round short texts that do not work correctly for some people. Fixed: Symbols in merry-go-round short texts on portable gadgets are not correctly shown.

Further small enhancements and corrections. Corrected a problem with the wrong sizes of WooCommerce miniatures. There was a problem with wrong Paddings and edges in the short code "Button (old)". Now you can add pages to The7 > Pre-made Websites. Added new: Slope selector in topic options. Added: The short codes "Testimonials - Brickwork & Grids" and "Team - Brickwork & Grids" have been extended by the new " Show Categorization" button.

Fixed: Problems with page navigation of a testimonial with certain preferences. Further small enhancements and corrections. Fixed: The page will freeze on portable computers if interaction with the Ultimate Addons item "Map" AND the checkbox "Normalize Resize" is on. Fixed: Problem with the preference "normalize reset even on mobiles " where some items on mobiles could not change their size properly.

Solved: Paginating problems in the posting lists in the administration area. Fixed: catastrophic bug in the Elementor plugin's editing view now. Solved: Problem with large image when reaction points are calculated on number of column. Enhanced: Drag marks in news sent from The7 contacts form (widget and shortcode) have been deleted. Solved: Problem with free spaces between headers and titles.

Further small enhancements and corrections. Solved: Problem where the page headers wildcard remained invisible even when the headers were blank. Solved: Problem with stacked portfolios on portable equipment. Further small enhancements and corrections. Mended:: Awesome Font incompatibility problems. Fixed: Problems with some Dream-Theme shortcuts in frontend page edit state.

Solved: Problem with text character rendered with text annotation in FireFox. Solved: Problems with certain page headers ( translucent head + deactivated page title). Solved: Portfolio problem when loading the first page in Safari. Fixed: The posttype of the slide show has no "alt" attribute for pictures. Solved: Problem with fractured "mail width response " in full width lines in Masonry & Grid shortcuts.

Solved: The height of the picture is small in the FF roundabout. Further small enhancements and corrections. Updating the databases for topic updates is now done automatically. You can deactivate this option under The7 > My The7, in the "Settings" area. Mended:: Fixed: Flickering pages in Safari when opening/closing page navigations. Fixed: Normalizing resizing on portable gadgets no longer causes problems with the lightbox, layer slider (and hopefully not with other third-party applications).

Worked over: Anker anchors are not activated if the Anker ID is interleaved within the vc section. Solved: Problem with headers misaligned on older eOS drives. Solved: Problem with line width when page heading styles are changed to "decorative line". Solved: Problem with the short code "Team Masonry & Grid" in "Grid" modus leads to a defective column outlayout.

Further small enhancements and corrections. The 7 Elements plug-in can now be upgraded via Dashboard > Updates. Fixed: Problem with correct display of net extracts in certain preferences. Solved: Problem with the hovering bottom line. Solved: Problem with picture titles and descriptions that were not shown in the light box at certain adjustments.

Solved: Problem with activated "FontAwesome 4 compatibility", symbols in some WPBakery Page Builder shortcuts do not work. Solved: The headers are always full width when the box design is mixed with the classical one. Fixed: Page break/load more does not work in a Team-Grid layout. Further small enhancements and corrections. Solved: Problem with short code "Mini-Blog" (round thumbnail views made the text point right).

Solved: Problem with the short code "Blog Masonry" (if the checkbox "Background overlay" was enabled, the overlap was not displayed). Short for portfolio brickwork and raster. As a new short code but with even more functions! Added: Retrieve System Information in The7 > Service Information. Solved: Error with the translucent header on the HDPI Androindablets.

Fixed: Problem where the light box was not opened in album short form on iPhone OS printers (with certain settings). Solved: Problem "small blog" on older iPhone and iPod touch computers. Solved: Problem where fancy caption was not centered on IE11. Enhanced the topic enrollment process:

Solved: Endless scrolling did not work. Fixed: Albums preferences are corrupted when the Galerie Albums layouts are chosen. Added: The topic issues alerts when a possible license problem is noticed. Solved: Milling cutter with unusual headroom. Solved: Problem with "Load effect: none" with CSS Grid -powered shortcodes. with CSS Grid -powered Shortcodes. Solved: Problem with WooCommerce pictures that are not displayed correctly with certain preferences.

Further small enhancements and corrections. Enhanced: Raster abbreviations/templates, unusual titles and bottom border transformed to CSS grids. Solved: Problem with wrong width of bottom line when box design is on. Lots of small enhancements and fixups. Smaller bugshots. "The 7 shortcuts have been changed to "Alt." Worked around: In Safari, the top pane moves to the right with certain choices.

Fixed: Pictures that are not displayed in WooCommerce with certain choices. Solved: "Sort by menu" does not work in the speed dial "Products brickwork & grid". Solved: Problem with Top-Line Sticks + mooring guidance. Further small enhancements and corrections. Solved: Problem with scroll the anchors to a wrong position in some preferences.

Fixed: Problem with wrong position of headline under slide show in some preferences combo. Solved: Problem with resizing the headers in Safari in some preferences. Solved: Problem with generation of dynamical style when some topic option boxes are empty. Solved: Problem with wrong display of some FontAwesome 5 symbols in the speed dial dt_default_button.

Further smaller corrections and changes under the bonnet. Lots of small enhancements and fixups. Heading improvements: - revised topic option structures; - enhanced movable headings (additional coverage supports, top beams, etc.); - special upper beam translucency settings for pages with translucent headings. Enhancements to the transition of float heading - now they're as soft as your butters.

General service enhancements when you scroll pages. Enhancements to the "Microsite" template: The upper panel can be deactivated. Enhancements to user-defined micro widget menu: Added preference to show it either as a drop-down or as a dropdown listing. General enhancements of the Wizard-Algorithm. More than 100 enhancements and corrections under the bonnet. Enhanced: Added preference for activating topic options inidebar.

Mended:: Solved: Problem with "px" value of margins/paddings in topic options. Further small enhancements and corrections. Added: The White-Label-Tool. Frontend (visual) editing modes for topic options and design wizard. More than 60 other enhancements and corrections.

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