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Now YouTube is launching a black topic for Android. In March, YouTube advertised a black topic for its portable applications to match its desk top equivalent. Immediately following the launch, YourTube for Android has been tested for several month and YourOS got the latest updates. Today it now seems to extend to more people. A lot of 13.

35.51 user report (via Reddit) that the obscure topic is now alive on their device.

It started at the end of last months with the introduction of this application upgrade, which is now available to more people. The " shadow topic " is displayed at the bottom of the display. The new design is enabled by defaults, with the user having the "Disable" checkbox. Just like on the web and within your iPhone, the subject is more of a deep grey colour than a simple grey, to the likely annoyance of those using your AmuLED.

YouTube' backgrounds, preferences, search pages and everything else that was previously blank takes over the cloudy look.

To switch the design of the black unit to Android P by hand

Android Oreo would change the system motif between a black and a bright motif using the background image of the telephone. The Android P DP4 now contains a handy switching feature that allows the user to keep the topic of black devices at all times, as if it were Google's teasing. First go to the telephone setup screen by fully dragging down the message aperture and tap the gears symbol.

Here, partially at the bottom of the page, you should see a new design element that you can use. Selecting it allows you to switch between Auto (based on background image), Light and Dark. And if you have any question, make sure you post it in the comments section below or post it on Twitter.

YouTube' s Android application gets at last a black design.

Though YouTube has been offering a sinister topic on its web and iPhone applications for month, it takes its own nice hours to bring it to Android for some purpose (seriously, what's the problem?). The editor u/Absinth92 said over the week-end that the radio had become available on his portable unit - and Android Police said that others had also discovered the function.

To search for Dark Mode, go to Settings > General. However, it's possible that you'll have to delay a little because Google hasn't advertised the launch and currently only seems to have made it available to a small number of people. You can try this in the XDA Developers Forum if you can't afford to delay until YouTube flips the trigger to activate the function - but you will need Root Control to make it work.

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