Thematic Restaurants

Themed restaurants

Here is a look at some of the weirdest themed restaurants in the world. themed restaurants - 102 things to do Perhaps it all began in the early 1970s with a small, modest rock'n'roll thematic cafe in London, England, named Hard Rock Cafe. Half a hundred years later Eric Clapton and other 70' Rock deities revisited the much-loved idea of eating in a theme based theme based establishment that has truly established itself worldwide.

No matter if you like rock'n'roll memories (Hard Rock Café), the tropic paradise of a singer/songwriter (Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville), flippant services and lousy personnel (Dick's Last Resort) or the old-fashioned 1950s dinner (Johnny Rocket's), there is a topic for almost everyone. Called after the infamous Jimmy Buffet tune, the Insel-Thema buffet style eatery offers a variety of typical food, as well as some quite stunning burgers, including The Cheeseburger In Paradise (hot cheeseburger, roasted string of bulbs, frills, horseradish gravy ), Guacamole Bacon and The Aloha (teriyaki, cheeddar, barbecued bulbs, pinassalsa).

Theme restaurants in the USA

When there is a television show or a ten-year period for which you are particularly fervent, there is probably a place devoted to it. The topics reach from garlic to the "Doctor Who" far and broad. Theme restaurants can be met or missed. Ranging from a hospital-style eatery to a private cascade style eatery, this is home to 20 of the craziest theme restaurants in the USA.

Below the Fairmont Hotel, Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, you will find a basic San Francisco facility and America's oldest picnic area. You are really committed to the topic: the staff are clothed in the 1920s, and the musical background is exclusively from the 1920s. Heart Attack Grill's topic is slightly morbid: it's the topic of hospitals.

Famous for its "Octuple Bypass Burger," the eight-patty, almost 20,000-calorie octuple bypass burger has been predicted to make the place famous. New York City, NY. New York's only cursed restaurant," visitors see character like the Werewolf or Dreadmina, the vampire, appear every 10 min.

It is such an important part of New York that it was even faked on "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" like Professor Dracula's spooky lab bar and barbecue. New York in New York City, NY. New York Ninja's dungeon-like inner city is supposed to look like a small Japanese community of ninjas, completely built with bridge and palatial fortifications.

Bartenders are clothed like ginjas (and carry out regular acrobatics ), and there is a ginja wizard who walks from desk to desk with magical moves. Airplane diner in Colorado Springs, CO. Airplane Restaurant's topic is quite self-explanatory. It is a disused 50' old soldier oiler, full of aircraft utensils.

Really, the Mexican-style eatery tries to dive its guests into different facets of Mexico's cultural life. The Casa Bonita is so important for the Colorado cultural life that it was declared a symbol in 2015. Caverna in New York City, NY. Thanks to DJ and dance floor the place becomes a dance floor at nights.

Pandorica is a theme based The Doctor Who in the Hudson Valley, New York (the name itself is a hint of a crucial episode). Our menue is full of hints about the show - like seafood sticks and pudding. The Beetle House in New York City, NY. There are also some hints on Burton's work on the menue, such as "This is Halloween!

Topics on the menue include "Fried C4 Cheese Cheese" and "Green Bean Missiles". "Trailer Park Lounge in New York, NY. Smelly Rose has a humble but strong theme: Knoblauch (Garlic). The slogan is actually "A Knoblauch Restaurant. "Every meal on the menue has a piece of garlic, and a giant piece of clothing is hung on the blanket.

Stinking Rose Serve Over 3,000 Lbs of Garlic Every Month. Ellen's Stardust Diner in New York, NY. Ellen's Stardust Diner is an important ingredient in New York. When you go in, you have the feeling that you have reentered the fifties, but Ellen's subject is actually Broadway. Magic Castle in Los Angeles, CA.

It is the Academy of Magical Arts' club house and one of the most prestigious places on this roster - you have to be a member (or friend of a member) to eat in its dining room and to keep to its renowned rigorous cloakroom. This place, which also offers five bar and five shows of sorcery, is full of magics, artefacts and curiosities, as well as a bookshelf that opens as a secret doors.

Perhaps the "most boring" topic on this page, Harvey Washbangers, is partly cash, partly restaurants, partly laundromats. Situated in the medieval village of Camlann, the menus include menus such as "Moosbeerpye" and "Sanc Dragon". A chemist is exactly what it says: a chemical type eatery. Atlanta's Atlanta inner cities' The Heart is America's biggest drive-in and is divided into two urban areas.

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