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The Korobeiniki is a Russian folk song from the 19th century that tells the story of a meeting between a peddler and a girl and describes her bargaining for goods in a veiled metaphor for advertising. Corobeiniki "Korobeiniki " (Russian: ????

????????, tr. Korobéyniki, letter "Die Hausierer") is a 19th centuries folksong that narrates the history of an encounter between a huckster and a young woman and describes her bargaining for goods in a disguised advertising style methaphor. Korobeiniki " is widely known outside Russia as the Tetris theme (in the title of the play "A-Type"), which is included in Nintendo's 1989 release of the work.

Nekrasov's poetic tale of a young pedlar who entices a farm maid called Katya on a fields of roe one evening. She is offered some of his goods as presents in return for a hug and, as it is implicit, sex favors. Rejecting all but one of his presents, a cyan ring, she argues that it would be intolerable to have his goods but not him.

Next mornings he promises to get married to her when he comes back from the sale of his goods on the shelves. However, the story of the carol ends here: the verse ends with the huckster being looted and murdered by a forester whom he asks for the way while coming home with the winnings of his winning days at the fair.

Oh, my box is so full, I have calico and brocade. Aw. Requested has come, businessman sells his goods.

She haggles carefully, is scared to overpay, a boy kisses his girl and asks her to increase the prize. 7??, ??, 7???????, ?? ????, ???? ?? ?? 7???????, ??, 7???????, ?? ????, ???? ?? ??, ???? ??! <A/> sync, corrected by <font color="#00ff00">elderman -- - for <font color="#00ffff"> -- Oh, my box is so lightweight; the belt no longer cuts into my thighs!

8??? ?? ??? ??? ????? ? 8??? ?, ????? ???? ???? 8??? ???, ?????????? ? ? ???????..Dal ey sitting down sitting down to see the truthseluyu, Lentu hluyu llya cos 8??? ????? ??? ??? ????? ?, ???? ? ? ? Dal ey sitting sitting down to see the truthseluyu, Lentu hluyu llya cos, Podpoyasat' van senokos...I had given her a whole slice of cotton cloth, a band of Scarlet for her plaits, to hang on the hay. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?! Let's go, Malodochki, let's go, Vyy! Porozhnitsya Korobushka, I Tibet, dusha-zaznobushka, promise I make: As soon as I have emptied the box, I will go home to Pokrov, and you, my darling, to God's temple, which I will guide!

" l sold the cotton!

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