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With Jupiter you can install plugins automatically and manually. The Fusion Builder is available as an add-on, and we are excited to see what our community and other developers will do. Grab your best priced possible theme pack from your local dealer today!

Where is the distinction between Agency Bundles and Pros? Addon is a plug-in that expands the free design of your own version of Addon Pro and add more functions. Mini Agency Bundle is a smaller bundle that includes the Pro Addon, WP Portfolio plug-in, Starter Sites and Ultimate Addons, based on which Page builder the users are using.

The Agency Bundle, on the other hand, provides ready-made Web pages and contains all the plug-ins used to create these Web pages. If you buy the Astra Agency package, you don't have to buy anything else seperately. Briefly, if you're just looking for a sturdy and quick design with simple customization features, choose Astra Pro Addon.

If you want to go one better, need prefabricated website accessibility and everything you need to quickly set up and deploy a website, buy the Astra Agency suite. When you want to stay with a one-page creator and need utilities to expand its capabilities and gain instant Web site template support, buy the Mini Agency Bundle.

To what extent does the mini agency bundle differ from the agency bundle? Astra Agency Bundle contains everything you need to create nice web sites. This gives you easy use of the Astra Pro Addon, Page builder addsons, i.e. Ultimate addsons for Beaver Builders and Elementor, Astra Premium Sites, Convert Pro, Schema Pro and WP Portfolio plugins.

The Astra Mini Bundle, on the other hand, concentrates on the Page Builder you use. The Astra Mini Bundle allows you to use the Astra Pro Addon, the WP Portfolio plug-in and the Astra Premium Sites and the Ultimate Addon for the Page builder of your choosing. To learn more about the Astra Mini Bundle, please click here to view our articles.

Already have one of the included plug-ins. Is it possible to switch from the Mini Agent Bundles to the Mini Agent Bundles? Are you going to add more plug-ins to the package? Our constant ambition is to create added value for our Astra Agentur clients. The majority of the plug-ins we will develop in the near term will be available to our Astra Agent clients at no additional charge!

May I use clustered plug-ins on other sites without Anstra? If you buy the Mini Agency Bundles or the Mini Agency Bundles, you can access all the plug-ins in your accounts for downloading. They have an unique purchasing code for each plug-in, so you can use it on any website with or without Anstra theme.

Will we receive a different licence code for each package? For every packaged plug-in you receive a different licence key/purchase code. Therefore you can use the clustered plug-ins on any website - even if you don't use Astra. What Page builder is used to build finished Web sites?

The only thing you have to do is to get the website with our Astra Premium Sites plug-in, which you get after the sale. Finished sites should give you a good jump starting so you don't have to restart every single site from the ground up. Are you going to add more finished sites to the repository?

We' re working on new web sites as we talk. Indeed, our goal is to add some new sites to the collection every year.

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