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I' ve got an android, so I don't know. Oh, Android, you never stop amazing me. Creating an anime theme for your telephone Hi everyone again, today I will show/tell/ complain how to turn your mobile into an anime theme telephone. Well, this is a fundamental tutorial, so if you already know how to make your mobile look great, get out of here..

. or hang around. Anyway, this is for the nice, dumb folks who don't know how to adjust their OWN SOUNDS.

I' ve listened to guys (mostly guys) asking and claiming how to make their telephones look really nice and fun. So I' m gonna ask these dumb fucking asks to relax and show you how it goes (God, it seems like I'm trying to make a sale). This is what your phone's gonna look like when we're done.

No, not quite, because you'll have your own theme and things and... you know what, I'll keep my mouth closed and get this dumb little tutorial started. So, first of all, find two anime backgrounds and configure one for your locking and one for your home screens (so simple, Black Star can do it). You can now store several pictures of anime figures or whatever, because we will change our mobile symbols.

So, once you have your pictures, type and hold the symbol you want to modify, and a violet circle or whatever it is will appear in the upper right hand part of the symbol. You should then see a new screen appear and you type NEW and there you can post and size your new symbol, but you have to do it for each symbol so have a lot of Fun with it.

Well, this is the last part of the Tutorial (thank God), it is the customization of the keypad yayyyyyyyyyyy. This is it there. Usually you just store a background image you like and load an application named GO KEYBOARD and you can modify it from there. That' how you have it, how to turn your dumb mobile into a " smart " mobile.

Will it work for any kind of telephone? Oh, Android, you never stop amazing me.

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