Theme Based Restaurants in the World

Topic-based restaurants in the world

The Devil" Las Palmas, Spain. 10 top themed restaurants around the world A visit to a quaint theme dinner can be a great way to find out more about a city's cultural and humorous heritage. Some of the best theme restaurants in the world. Taipei's Modern Toilets is a funny and quaint place where you can enjoy cow pasta stew from a dish formed like a West styled tap.

Meals are tasty, personnel are kind and you can say that you ate broth from a well! Bangkok Cabbages and Cabbages is one of the most extraordinary restaurants in the world - it's a Kondom-Rtaurant! The visit of cabbages and cotton balls is an unbelievably entertaining event - the place has tens of giant figures made of cotton balls, such as a cotton ball Santa Claus, a cotton ball David Beckham and a cotton ball marriage outfit.

But it' s not just about taking fun pictures - cabbages and condoms promote safer sex, childbirth management and information about your childer' s age. So we all know that having lunch in a clinic can be quite bad - but what about having dinner in a clinic-bar? The medical style Singapore style eatery is ideal for the hypochondriac. You might receive a knife and knife to slice your meals, serve your infusion drops of beers, take your meals on an operation desk and spice your meals with pickle in a squirt!

New York City's New York Stock Exchange is a pleasant place to be when you are dined in a Ninja-themed cafeteria. With the fitting name The Lock-Up, this prison-design dining room in Tokyo is a particularly special one. On arrival at the eatery, your waitress ties your hand to his wrist overnight and takes you to a solitary desk in a holding area.

Then your hand is tied to the desk while you are given beverages from cups and meals about jail. Taipei's A380 Sky Restaurant is an A380 model in a shopping centre where you can dine in an aircraft-like environment. Eating is much more delicious than eating plane meals, and the waiteresses even disguise themselves as flight attendants.

Desaster Café, in Lloret de Mar, Spain, is an seismic eatery that is an uncommon option for a café! Occasionally, while you are eating, the light goes out all of a sudden when the restaurants simulate a 7.8 magnitude quake. You must then do your best not to spilt any of your foods or drinks.

Let's just say this isn't a place you can go to in your best suit. In Beirut, Lebanon, the humorously titled Buns and Guns is a place with a warlike character.

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