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Take a look at all the amazing features of the Blogger theme! Option, Option, Option, Option Blogger template is full of user-defined functions and choices. We' ve moved the site one step ahead and made it great with our customized functionality, customization and more! Have a look at all the stunning functions below!

The functions differ depending on the template. Please see lists for topic detail.

Following functions are the same for all our Blogger topics. Blogger template is fully embedded into's HTML tagging. We' ve taken Blogger AEO to the next notch. Our template solutions are built to be portable and focused on the most important part of your website, your blogs.

Every one of our template offers a wide range of choices. You can use a Featured Post Cleaner to show off your favourite post. Use the Featured Postlider to add additional revenue to your most important blogs. You can also use one of our easy step-by-step guides to make a slide bar with arbitrary pictures and hyperlinks.

In order to minimise the use of excess external plug-ins that can slower your website, each of our topics contains the most favourite Widget. Plus, because all your Widgets are user-defined, they fit right into your website and don't protrude like a painfulumb. Build a customized contact page with a built-in contact page for a pro page experience.

Similar contributions and post-pagination keep the reader busy as they read. Blogger template is included in the most widely-used MailChimp e-mail lists. All our template files are advertising and plug-in-ready. Build a store directly on your website. You can use our template with store applications like e-cwid, Shopify button, Selz and more. This way, you can easily include all the user-defined functions you need.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries that have not been addressed above.

2018 Blogger Templates Free Download

Our free blogs are all highly responsive. This means that the Responsive Blogsger template is designed to provide a perfectly rendered display on tablet, iPad, mobile and mini-device computers. Browsers adore SEO-friendly masters. Topic styles are optimised with the help of expert blogs and complemented with all the latest technologies such as scheme HTML inclusion, headline tags from HTTP to H6 set-up on home page and postal pages, no-index HTML tags added to your pages and much more.

In contrast to other Blogspot submissions, our free submissions are super-fast and load in seconds from any browser. The best of our blogs have fewer Java Script code in the submission, so they can be accessed in seconds. Much of our free Blogs collector uses Java Script instead of Java Script to make a website quick and easy.

Every single artwork we publish here is usually available in 1, 2 or 3 column designs. That means when a visitor downloads one of his or her favorite templates, he or she can select any desired page format from the extraction file that matches his or her own Web site style. If you are a novice Blogspot users, and you don't know much about how to set up a Blogspot submission.

Each of our free downloadable screenshots here requires just one click to install directly from your Blogsheet. These free plug-ins are created by professionals who always create custom and high-quality plug-ins for bloggers. This means that the masks provided to you here are completely dynamical, tidy and available wide shots that can be moved anywhere in the mask.

We have released high qualitiy free and advertising capable artwork. All our template are well optimised for ads like Adsense, Bullsellads and all other ads. The only thing you need to do is attach the ad encoding in HTML Gastro directly from your Bloogger widget. The majority of these have a great administration pane that makes it simple to quickly insert the source in seconds.

The majority of you will like WP topics. So if you have a fantastic look and want to have it with the Blogspot site, you can browse our galleries to find tens of WordPress adopted template files released by top-writers. Click on WordPress Adopted Day to see the entire large library of WP adopted topics.

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