Theme Building

thematic building

This themed building is a legendary space-time structure at Los Angeles International Airport. Explore the LAX Theme Building in Los Angeles, California:

sspan class="mw-headline" id="Architecture">Architektur[edit]

This striking building in red looks like a floating saucer landing on its four legs[3] The first draft was designed by James Langenheim of Pereira & Luckman and then implemented by a panel of designers and civilengineers led by William Pereira and Charles Luckman, including Paul Williams and Welton Becket.

Pereira & Luckman's 1959 initial concept for the Luckman and Pereira airports was that all passenger car parks and passenger car parks would be linked by a giant glazed cupola that would act as a junction for transport. Ultimately, the size of the map was significantly reduced, and the kiosks were erected elsewhere on the site.[5] The theme building was then erected to commemorate the location of the cupola as a memento of the initial map.

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