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In some cases, updating a plugin is not compatible with our current design, so we need to change our WordPress design. I think it's one of the best topics out there. Modify "Developed by Devsaran" to "Topic By Devsaran"[#1572484].

Hi, thanks for the discussion. I' d suggest that you modify the theme guys in "Theme by Devsaran". I use this for the website and would consider retaining the guys if this was modified. I' m a programmer, but not themmer, so I won't put the develop by page on a site.

Sorry, I am v fat. There is also a page - front.tpl that needs to be changed. What a beautiful subject.... but, Can I modify or delete this copy right without juridical hassles? Seems that only the homepage does not seem to have changed. Modify the scripts in the page.tpl.php as well as in the page--front.tpl.php. You probably won't see the copyrighted information because you specified for the "site name" that it doesn't appear in your design.

As soon as you allow it to be displayed, it will be entered in the copyrights for the bottom line. You want to delete the page name because of the logotype or your preferences, go to page--front.tpl.php and find group id="site name". Delete ? and you will be taken away the page name and your copyrights will be filled in.

There are 3 answers to this question, this thread has 2 votes, and was last modified by Support 1 year, 1 month ago.

There are 3 answers to this thread, this thread has 2 votes, and was last modified by Support 1 year, 1 month ago. Anybody who could help me fix this? Use the following style sheet for removing the bottom line by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional style sheet and inserting it there. Display: none; Best regards, One last more question, how can alter the footer to like " Copyright 2017 " ?

That answer was changed 1 year, 1 months ago by athleteseklame. Hello there, thanks for staying in contact, kind regards, support.

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Novell is a fast-reacting premier WordPress theme that's perfect for presenting your assets and making them the centre of your publicity. Nowell' s emphasis is on neat ease-of-use, yet offers a wide range of customisation possibilities to build a one-of-a-kind on-line personality that your supporters can interactively experience. That' s why Nowell has added the option to customise your design with over 30 hand-picked Google scripts.

You can also contact us if you are a Typekit-client. Complete responsiveness with an off-screen side bar on portable equipment. Video and play lists that open in a light box. Wallpaper full width picture backgrounds. Easy-to-use with rich snippets and organized information for articles, pages, video, concerts, records as well as track.

Add customized items to the head of any page with image choices, slider controls, video choices, customized link choices, and more. Automatically add unusual filter settings to your page heads, such as soft focus, cuttlefish, or greyscale. Extremely customizable and equipped with the Theme Customizer so that changes can be immediately displayed in the preview.

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