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Rainforest Cafe in Disney's animal kingdom. If you want to get the feeling for it, then the Boombox Cafe is the right place! This restaurant has a hip-hop music theme that is reflected in the interior. The picture above shows the hammock café Penang from Malaysia.

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Who' s this cute little white bear that often follows San-Xs Rilakkuma? Come and see these 2 dreamy cafés in Tokyo that are located outside this world! Do you know that a Pokémon Café will open in Tokyo in March 2018? Barbie lovers, take a look at this amazing themed café in Yokohama!

Hello Kitty themes like Japanese food and tea are served in this tea house in Kyoto! Have a look at his own themed garden café in Tokyo!

Thirteen of the best theme cafes in Singapore and where to find them.

Singapore has a lot to offer, but somehow it is fun for everyone to visit thematic restaurants, especially if they are designed after their favorite hero! Whether you're a Marvel fanatic or a Hello Kitty fan ready to hire a cuddly animal for your favorite cats over night, you'll be amazed that this little isle is home to some rather fun theme cafés!

Visit these 10 theme cafés in Singapore for a unique eating adventure, especially if you are dressed thematically! Your menus are simply astonishing. Talking of supers, did you ever notice Avengers' boys arrive at the Science Centre Singapore? Between now and 5 March you can see your favorite super heroes at Marvels Avengers S.T.A.T.T.I.O.N. at the Science Centre Singapore!

The Gudetama Cafe was opened last November in Suntec City and everyone crawls over the melancholy eggs man who everyone finds somehow compellingly sweet. Each individual point on the menue is personalized by our artists and is 110% Insta-worthy. Gudetama yells at the 112-seater café - all with a hint of locals. Featuring scrambled armchairs, tablecloths, waffle blankets, tablecloths, Gudetama feeds, and Gudetama figures everywhere, Hello Kitty enthusiasts will be more than willing to defy the waiting lines and spend some additional money on it!

Settler's Cafe, the first of its kind in Singapore, opened in 2003 and has collected more boardgames on its bookshelves than can be counted at its exit on North Canal Road. Ranging from the latest trendy Monopoly decks with a throne theme to ancient classic titles such as Cluedo, the local team is always available to suggest a match to suit your own taste.

Settlers Cafe also sells cheaply priced menus - Chicken Chop ($9.90), Dory Pasta Spaghetti ($10.90) and Beef Lasagne ($13.90) - so you can play a good, competitively priced UNO match (or one of 300 different matches here) without drilling a holes in your bag.

Siedler's is also easily accessible from a number of department stores, just a 5 minute stroll from Clarke Quay MRT Station. Playing with the good old monopoly, anyone? And Blisshouse just received Halal certification last September, and menus like the tomato pesto oven for baked cod and quesadillas are definitely a must!

Singapur may not be the perfect place for a pick nick, as there is only one seasonal stay throughout the year and the wet, clammy summer is tropic. A total of 13 dining stands are available here, complete with trolleys, and guests can pick and place wherever they want in the 13,000 m² area of one of the city's largest shopping centres, Wisma Atria.

Those with a solid appetizer won't find picnic-like dishes like beef noodles, pasta, pizza, Korean fried chicken, tikkas and more! Think of a local eatery, café and pub, all in a rural setting hidden in the green of Singapore's eastern coastline, and you get a coastal settlement.

Featuring West and East Indian cuisine, this relaxed laid back dinner quickly became one of Singapore's most sought -after theme restaurants - luxuriant green on the outside, inside a historic old style house on the inside. This café has an elaborate menue where the meals are presented in large servings and great presentation, clearly visible from your lamb chop shown above!

Try your waffle stacks with butter edibles, covered with fruit, apple juice and flavoured creams - the ideal way to finish your dinner! Singapore's first and the only 24-hour café in the whole wide open air, The Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, is located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and is quite visible.

To say nothing of the fact that this café could be the cause that you are ready to get to the next early arrival at the terminal! As the name suggests, the café is full of flowers and flowers, some of which are hanging wonderfully from the roof. We also have a fistful of figures and decoration around the café for great photography!

Visitors can look forward to local kitten dishes such as Rendang Cowbunga ref (made from Wagyu beef!) and The Hide & Seek (Pandan-infused Pannan cotta dessert with custard ice cream and gingerbread marmalade, passion fruit and wild berry jam)! Pompompompurin Cafe is probably the sweetest Sario Cafe in Singapore, with pastels, cabins and themes - all on every edge of the café.

We should also note that at every dinner there is a charming soft toy of this puddle-loving dog, so you can actually eat with it! Pompurin pancake to curried ice cream, it's definitely difficult to withstand a few rounds for the ounce before you put your tooth in this enchanting treat.

Decorated with bizarre airship, balloon and balloon designs, and everything that comes to your minds when you think of fairs and Carnival, this madly photogenic café stands out like a (pleasant) chafed fist in the middle of Whampoa's heartland. In addition to the best-selling OMT Big Breakfast, they also offer some fused meals such as Ayam Thai (chicken and wafers with Thai cabbage and crackers) and Oyakodon (sushi ice cream, Japan courry and barbecued turkey with sunrise and mix vegetables)!

We all know Snoopy's enchanting boyfriend Charlie Brown and how better to remember our youth than to go to a real Charlie Brown cafe? Currently with three branches in Singapore, the café displays the enchanting Charlie Brown design with life-size figures of the beloved figure that welcomes you!

Dishes in all the stores are Halal certificated and visitors can enjoy an all-day breakfast that includes dishes such as chicken rice, pasta and pizza! The Antoinette company sells a wide variety of hearty products, among them the very recommendable smoked salmon. The Flee Away Cafe, probably the first café of its kind in Singapore, has managed the mixture of garage sale and café to perfection, while being conveniently located in a charming nook along Dunlop Street.

While you wait for your meal to come, you can buy handicrafts at the café's flea market. It also supports locals' design, so you can look forward to a whole range of locals' classic produce made by locals! Matching the theme, guests can look forward to a menu-driven blend of regional delicacies, such as the bestseller Le Char Kuey, which is actually a larger sized French bread than the surface of your hand, supplied with a large serving of different stuffings such as oak!

The Colbar Cafe, Colonial Bar for Colonial, reminds you of the early Copitiam-day ( Lokal Café ) as soon as you board. The best of all, Colbar's meal. Colbar's meals are generously portioned and priced at reasonable rates, with the emphasis on traditional dishes that remind you of the good old times.

Here you will also find a selection of West cuisine, including the Old School Fillet Steak! Don't miss her Hainanese Pork Chop - one of the most famous Singaporean early recipes ever created, based on inspiration from China's early history! If you' re tired of it, why not discover the whole of Singapore and remember to keep a 4G SIM so you can spend all your time with your family!

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