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Liste of Casino Eating Restaurantketten Here is a listing of Casino Eating restaurants around the globe, sorted in order alphabetically. Casino dinner restaurants are restaurants that serve inexpensive meals in a relaxed environment. With the exception of sideboard restaurants and more recently quick restaurants, informal restaurants usually offer dinnerware. Chettinad RestaurantChettinad South IndiaCuisineAustralia, Canada, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA30Private India chain of restaurants.

In order to compensate for a continuing decline in corporate and franchise restaurants, Big Boy Restaurants International is deploying a new high-speed chain of restaurants known as Big Boy's Burgers and Shakes. PizzaPizzaUnited States, Canada222Customer-designed Blaze Poker produced within 3 min. Bob's Big BoyFamily, Casino and Driving in Southern California5The initial Big Boy chain established by Bob Wian in 1936.

The Marriott and JB's restaurants once used the Bobs name in other areas of the USA, as well as on tolls. Howard Johnson's many restaurants have been transformed into Bobs. Evans Bob America United States600Specializes in local cuisine. Cabalen Filipino Philippines, United States18Buffet chain of restaurants specialising in delicious delights such as beduteng teugak, camaru, adobong pugo as well as balanced (developed birds embryo).

Chi-Chi'sMexicanBelgium, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the former United States12It was once the biggest chain of restaurants in Mexico in the United States, with 130 pre-bankrupt sites, which compelled the sales of U.S. sites to Outback Steakhouse. Coco' s BakeryFamilyUnited States (Western)115Besitzt von Catalina Restaurants Group, Inc.

Pablo'sTex-Mex United States41Owned by Rita Restaurant Corp. Frisch's Big BoyFamilyUnited States (Indiana, Kentucky, most of Ohio and Tennessee)121No longer associated with Big Boy Restaurants Internationally, Frisch's own the Big Boy brand in its own area. PizzaPizzaNew Zealand64There used to be overseas offices in Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, India and South Korea.

Saravana Hotel BhavanVegetarian South India Kitchen Worldwide82Hotel Saravana Bhavan is one of the biggest vegetable restaurants in the United States. JB's RestaurantsFamilyUnited States15A Big Boy franchise until 1987, JB's once had over 100 stores. There' s a place in the chain called Galaxy Diner. Salsa Fresh Mexican GrillTex-Mex United States98Not to be mixed up with the Fresh Mex Grill by Salsa from Australia.

Lum'sFamilyUnited States273 (at its peak)Total chain of families restaurants. Mimi' s CafeFrench Café, New Orleans und AmericanUnited States144Besitzt von Bob Evans Farms, Inc. Pasta & BusinessFast Food RestaurantUnited States510Fast Food Service specialising in US and world pasta meals. Pandas ExpressAmerican ChinesecuisineUnited States, North America, Asia1,900+Largest Rapid Casino Restaurants chain specialized in Asian Chinacuine.

Pandas InnAmerican kitchenMetropolitan Los Angeles4Older brother and sister of Pandas Express, but with dinnerware. Salsa's Fresh Mex GrillTex-MexAustralia50Not to be mixed up with the US-American La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill. Sambo'sFamilyUnited States1,117 (at its head) Former chain diner that collapsed because many African Americans saw the name as pejorative, leading to many Americans boycotting regardless of race background.

The ShopHouse Southeast Asia CuisineAsian United States15 (top)A disused chain of restaurants belonging to Chipotle and Chipotle's attempts to enter the Asia Fascinating Restaurants game. Asia86Company holds the Sizzler brand outside the United States. USAsteakhouseUnited States270Company is the owner of the Sizzler brand within the United States. Steel and AlesteakhouseUnited States280 (at its top)Defective steel in the resuscitation cognition.

FamilyUSA, Europe, Middle East544 Known for burgers and hand-dipped milk shakes preferred by David Letterman and Roger Ebert. Massachusetts Texas RoadhouseSteakhouseÉtats-Unis, Asie450Texas-thematischesteakhouse. The TGI FridaysAmericanUnited States, Worldwide992Gründet 1965.

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