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Envato Theme check is a modification of the orginal theme cheque from petrol42 with Envato special wordpresses. It' an out-of-the-box way to test your topic and make sure it's up to date with the latest Envato evaluation norms. This allows you to run any automatic test tool for your theme that Envato Reviewers uses for WordPress theme templates.

It is very convenient for theme creators or anyone who wants to make sure their theme conforms to the latest WordPress theme standard and practice. A few may be the outcome of a problem that leads to refusal (the evaluator makes the decision).

WorldPress Theme Checker will tell you if your theme is compatible with or not.

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Is your website run on WordPress? These are some telltale characters that a website was created with WordPress. WordPress came and altered everything. Now it is almost impossible to tell whether a website runs on "blogging" softwares like the WordPress publication platforms or whether it was created with a web developer softwares app.

This is not so much in relation to what the pages are used for, but in relation to the website layout and also the capacity to say what is "under the hood". Website users have a tremendous appreciation of the gap between a CMS like WordPress and other website builders, not so much in relation to the technological issues as in relation to the areas that are important to many website users, such as web site cost, usability, ability to keep the site up-to-date, web management, etc.

Once you've chosen to opt for the "B" page above, you need to know more about the advantages of using WordPress, why WordPress can offer you a breathtaking website that could prove far less costly than sites created with conventional website developer tools...and how you can differentiate the two sorts!

Worldwide WordPress is the most widely used on-line publication system and CMS. This is a high-performance blended solution for managing most kinds of enterprise application contents. No matter if your purpose is for a website for private blogs or commercial use, WordPress is simple enough for a beginner without programming knowledge to use and maintain, yet it provides many useful functions that will make your website highly efficient when it comes to posting your contents, encouraging visitors' involvement, creating contacts and selling, improving the website's usability, etc.

Nearly every fifth website in the whole wide web that is supported by WordPress has a good chance that if you already own a website, your website is also a WordPress page. If you don't have a website yet, or are considering creating one, wouldn't it be great to show your web designer an already established website with the look and feel you like, to know that it was created with WordPress, and therefore that you can get something similarly designed and quite cheap?

Is my website running on WordPress? Would you like to know whether a website is based on WordPress? Perhaps you have come to this page because you have been reading about all the great benefits of WordPress, and you are now asking yourself whether your website was created with WordPress or another website app.

To know if your competitor's website was created with WordPress can tell you some things about his strategy and method, such as what topics or plug-ins he uses. Below are a number of ways that you can use to quickly see if websites are running WordPress: First open the website sources on your computer monitor using the above described method.

Here you can find out whether the website is running on WordPress or not. Please note: If you cannot find the words "wp-content" in the sourcecode, it does not mean that it is not a WordPress page. But there are other ways to find out if a website was created with WordPress, as we will be discussing shortly.

Since the purpose of this article is to help non-technical end-users, we have enumerated below a number of simple ways to verify that your site was created with WordPress, except by using the search in sources. Whilst this may seem like the most apparent thing, many website designers, for whatever reasons, can create a website for customers and not tell them that it was created with WordPress.

When you have an already established website and don't know which applications drive it, just ask your site manager or whoever created your website if your website was created with WordPress. OK... what if you can't get in contact with your website developers, or what if you came across a website that you really like while browsing the Internet and you really need to know if it was created with WordPress?

Ist es WP? is a free utility that can quickly verify if a website is running on WorldPress or not. The use of this site is very simple. Satori Studio's WorPress Theme Detector is a free utility that can help you find out whether a website uses WorPress as a CMS search engine or not; it will also tell you what theme the website uses and give you a shortcut to the topic's formal page.

When a website is created with WordPress, but the design is too adapted to contain trace of its origin, the detector still informs you that it is a WP site by displaying a notice on the right side. Wappalyzer is a very useful add-on to be installed in your web navigator if you search the web with either Firefox or Chrome and want to know if the pages you visit are WordPress pages.

When you browse, Webappalyzer will identify what kind of application is on the site. It is also a very simple to deploy and very simple to use web interface add-on. When you see the WordPress symbol in the browsers drop-down list (as shown in the screenshot above), the website was created with WordPress.

With Plugin Sniper you can find out which plugs a WordPress page uses. It is a useful utility if you want to know which WordPress plug-ins are used by your competition.

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