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Next months Chrome 69 will introduce "Material Design Refresh" "across all OS". Before the Google Material Theme was introduced at I/O 2018, the Chrome staff worked on a design restyling of abbig for the web browsers, which has many resemblances such as curved edges and strong whites. This " material Design Refresh ", which is available both on the Desktop and on the Handy, is to begin now in September with the introduction of Chrome 69.

The " new look across all OSes " is briefly discussed in the Chrome 69 Enterprisee release note. There is no detail about the new changes in the change log with the simple title "Browser Surface Changes", but it is very likely that it is the long phase of developing "Material Dimension Refresh" for desktop and "Modern Design" on Android. In addition to making changes visually, some functions such as the Windows messaging centre and touch pad gesture integrator are also included.

The Chrome 69 is expected to reach the Mac, Windows and Linux stability channels on September 4, while Android usually follows a few working day later. Chrome 67 and 68 Chrome OS tab bed and convertable units were given the new look, and other touchless units were to be given similar upgrades with Chrome 69.

The Chrome Browsers will have a new look for all OS. The changes on desktop computers concentrate on the browser's "top chrome", namely the tab series. In place of jagged and square edges, the upper lugs on the right and upper lugs on the bottom and on the upper and lower lugs on the right are chamfered.

In order to better highlight the page you are currently looking at, other tab pages loose their contour and are only optically divided by a brief line. Directly below is a pill-shaped addressing strip with very round edges to the right and right. There is an Avatar for the currently active user that you are currently logging in to, located to the right of the Adress Toolbar instead of the top edge, with an Avatar symbol, more like your name.

In the meantime, the shortcut menus have similar rounding. Input mask is pure off, similar to the light background in the Google Material Theme. Some of these changes are also present on Android with a pill-shaped Omnibar that fits the now round symbols. Corresponding to the remainder of the application toolbar, the toolbar is very whitish, resulting in a neat, fused look.

While the Overrun submenu has round edges, the tabs changer is now arranged horizontally to correspond to the Recents submenu of Android 9 Pie. There is also a revised "New Tab" with a pill-shaped seek box with roundavicons. You can now enable the redraw by typing the Chrome flags ULs below into the Add button and choosing the appropriate item from the drop-down list.

In order to get the latest functions, you have to activate them in Chrome Beta 69.

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