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Choose a resize and form Create your own individual and customized wallpapers in just a few moments. None required knowledge of designs. Great wallpaper can make any computer monitor come alive. No matter if your wallpaper shows wild animals, scenery or your own art creation, it can personalise your computer desk top and make it your own. Online is free of charge and couldn't be simpler to use.

With just one click, one computer and one Wi-Fi link, you can make breathtaking wallpapers with all your favourite colours and text. A simple to use designer surface means that the only feature you need to put on the desk is your fantasy. Our designing processes include a large variety of customisation choices that join together to form uniquely designed environments that can't be found anywhere else.

Change text, pictures, orientations, topics, and colour scheme until your designs meet your expectations. Easily explore different aspects of the designs as you can see the results of your changes now. Name your projects and this text will be the foundation of your outline.

When you need a wallpaper for your computer, you have three choices: use one of your OS, buy one, or make your own. There are as many changes as you want to make to make the kind of backdrop you initially imagined. Just click on the "Design" button at the top of the page and choose the theme that best fits your visions.

Every computer wallpaper is only as good as the pictures it uses. Make your wallpaper come alive by pressing the "+" symbol above the thumbnail, uploading your own picture or adding a free picture from the web. It' s up to you whether you want text on your wallpaper or not.

Just click on the "Text" button at the top of the page and continue creating or editing your text until you are satisfied with the results. Sharing your backgrounds via Facebook and Twitter as well as via Facebook. You can also choose to have your wallpaper downloaded and used on all your home computer monitors.

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