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The Theme Creator can be used for more than one type of document and should not be considered as a template. A feature-rich suite from the software giant for businesses and home offices. First Steps - Theme Creator Use this page to help you with the steps involved in installing, setting up, and basically working through a theme using Theme Creator. You can find full instructions for the build procedure in the How do I build a theme page? It is recommended that you always have an Xperia unit attached to your computer so that you can see your designs on a real one throughout the entire styling lifecycle.

You can download Java for free and download and use it on your computer. To run Theme Creator, you must have a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7 or later on your computer. You can download the Theme Creator here. The Theme Creator opens. Click New Item... Note: If you want to use Photoshop artwork when you create your design, you can click the "Learn More About Templates" button that will take you to the downloaded zipped template and provides information on how to use it.

Specify the desired configuration settings in the appearing dialog: Topic Name: Type the desired name for your topic that will appear on the telephone. Packet Name: Create a unique theme name for your theme App that will identify you on the Google Player store. For example, if your company's home page is , the plan name could be: com. mycompany. com. mycompany. hint: If you modify the plan name when you upgrade your theme, Google Player will consider it a completely different theme, and your visitors will not be able to upgrade it from their latest release.

Topic version: the theme that will be shown on the phone and in Google Play. You can change it at any point later - usually just before you publish a new one. Choose a subfolder in which you want to place your work. To do this, you can either choose to add a new directory or choose an existing directory.

SDK version: the minimal Android SDK release to be able to install it. Destination SDK version: the target SDK for Android for the theme. The Theme Creator pane has a navigation bar on the right that lets you scroll through the customisable UI items. On the right side, a thumbnail shows an approach to the appearance of the chosen resource in the different screens in which they are displayed.

This example shows the standard version of all component parts, since you have not yet adjusted any ressources. While there are many ressources you can adjust, when you launch the application for the first time, you will only see a restricted number of them in the treeview.

The reason for this is that by defaults a set of ressources named "Basic Theme" is used. When you want to create a design that is easy to use, you only need to adjust the "basic design". To create a more granular design, you can choose Extended Design or All Ressources from the drop-down list at the top of the treeview.

"and " All Ressources " and " Base Topic " side by side. "Every resource" contains literally hundred of modifiable ressources that allow you to design in great detail. "The " Theme Basics " contains only the 10-12 most important editing ressources. In order to begin with the creation of your first theme, we work on a specific topic in the Theme Creator and display it directly in the tools.

Open the "Basic Theme" in the navigational treeview (this is the default). Select the name of the background object. Note that a highlighted area is shown in the Prescan Area to show where the background asset is located. In this way, you learn where the resources are used and what they look like by defaults.

To open the menus, click the pencil symbol next to the resources and select Set to color. Note that the thumbnail is updated to the new colour as you work. Once you have selected the colour, click OK. Note: Look at the thumbnails to see how they are updated to show the new colour when they are used.

Check out the thumbnails to see how they are updated to show the new colour when they are used. You' ve now gone through the whole Theme Creator design creation and results previews procedure in the tools. For more information about what you can do, see How do I make a design or go directly to Test and verifyto to try your design on an Xperia phone or Xperia tray?

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