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Children's theme Creator of Orbisius It allows you to quickly generate sub-topics from any topic you currently have on your website/blog. This will also generate rtl. rss if it exist in the superordinate design. Have you found this plug-in useful? Beginning with v1.

4 you save your syppets, licence keys in the Orbisius Cloud-Bibliothek. Don't ever lose track of what you copy and what you have to skipped when adding sub topics.

Generate an infinite number of submotifs from a superior motif. It adds children 01, 02 etc. to the list. Process theme file with our two theme editor. It uses mini css/js to make sure it is loaded faster. There are two editing tools and you can select sections from one topic and insert them into another.

From ( v1.1. 3) Since ( v1.1. 3 ), submit the chosen topic and the higher-level topic (if any) to yourself or a coworker. Ever since (v1.1. 9) Both tools have the same button (in older releases only the one on the right had all buttons). Retain your changes when the higher-level theme is refreshed. Child-themes are often very small and can be split and used for another child theme as well.

We' ve found that some children's topics made with this plug-in do not work as intended. First, please verify with the creator of the theme whether its design is supporting sub-themes. Subscribe today and test topics and plug-ins before you actually publish them on your web site. From Admin > Look > Orbisius Kind Theme Creator, click on the theme you want and the theme will be for you.

From Admin > Look > Orbisius Theme Editor, click on the desired theme and the sub theme will be generated for you. Would you like to see a previews of the topics from the 2 editor? Need a great plug-in designed specifically for your needs?

Other places are where you can easily make submenus. Those buzos and their plug-in have corrupted the features of my whole website. Each and every CSS attribut is now back in its orginal state. Tried to delete the plug-in and it completely cleared all my page configurations. Earlier I recommended this plug-in, but now they have added obtrusive displays when you enable the plug-in and there is a pointless preference page with a set of help text and then more displays.

Too bad that a so far good plug-in is used in such a way. Easily add new pages, crop and past the page or add another theme to a new page, really, really easily and conveniently. Personally, I didn't get into the sandpit function, and I was supposed to be learning to use it, but my kid topics were simple to build and use.

Simple to operate. Thanks for making this useful plug-in available to the general audience! "The " Orbisius Children's Theme Creator" is open code work. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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