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Each literary work - whether essay, novel, poem or something else - has at least one theme. That room has a violet theme. Defining a theme is a theme, a recurring idea or a short melody.

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In Frost's poem, the theme of Mother nature is a recurring theme (= a theme that keeps appearing). The most other paintings of Kurt were variation on the same theme.  2  theme music/song/tune3   APMrepeated Tune a brief melody repeating and developing in a musical work  Freias theme in Wagner's 4 Styles Operas  a special theme  Your sleeping room is adorned with a Viktorian theme.

5- pieces of letter old style written amican englishES a brief pieces of letter on a specific topic that you do for your SYN essay theme on schoolwork is to type a two-page topic on environmental soiling. A major topicCultural is the second major theme Cultural is the second theme of his work. a common topicDeath and rebirth is a common theme in Eliot's poetry. e urrent / récurrent theme (=one that appears several times )Back to traditional values was a major theme of the president's speech. ellen'est fait l'écho du thème principal de l'ouvrage, le thème principal de Kollocators : l'importance du respect de la vie.

One of the topics behind it is the fight for respect for humanity. A general theme. A general theme. Anywhere readers can refer to the general theme in his work. Phrase variation on a theme. Most of their shorts are variation on the theme of drama. The first is the capacity to commune. The first is the capacity to find a theme, to find oneself on an agendas of drama.

  • At the heart of the game is the theme of avarice and its corruptive impact. - The smooth interaction of the main topics will endow it with the intoxicating feeling of a painstaking but free spirit. - George Eliot shows a genuine interest in religion and morality. - a two-page theme on pollution - The theme of the event is Bildung und Ausbildung.
  • But before I address this issue, let me try to get down to earth. - She asks the hosts to describe the topic of the event and the length of the talk. - And the topics not only repeat themselves, but also intersect. - I like the title track of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" very much.

"One of the topics of the novel is the relation between man and environment. - Tartan designs and checks are examples of this. - The main room is decked in a Vittorian theme. There are many variation on the theme... There are many variation on this theme. - There are many ways in which the theme of combinations can be put into practise.

  • There are many varieties of these fundamental topics, depending on the soils, climates and major agricultural holdings. - All sorts of variation can appear on this topic. - The goal should be to be flexible within a given framework; variation of a theme. - For me it was the most bantering of all things, variation of a theme, minor changes.
  • The traders themselves began to develop variants on the topic.

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