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Theme and Plugins Detector for WordPress Recognizes the design and plug-ins used in WordPress and displays information about them. This symbol will only appear on pages recognized by WordPress. Plugin recognition takes place on a distant host and transmits the results to your web browsers for evaluation or verification. Only four plug-ins are recognized. Are you planning on seeing all the plug-ins?

It works as announced, although it does not recognize all of the plug-ins.

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The Wordpress Theme Detector is a free on-line utility that allows you to see which WordPress theme a website uses (including parents' and children's themes). In addition, it also recognizes which WordPress plug-ins are used. There are always a lot of WordPress users looking for a good WordPress theme. Frequently, when they find a WordPress page they really like, it's not always clear which theme is being used (especially if there's no WordPress theme links or names in the footer).

Designed to make it really simple for you to learn all the detail about what WordPress theme and plug-ins are used on a website, this free tool lets you build your own WordPress page. WorldPress Theme Detector is one of the cutest search engine optimization tools you can use on-line.

It' a free utility that lets you primarily recognize the topic of a particular WordPress page. Also it can recognize the used plug-in. As a result, the detector is an evolution that supersedes the traditional way of manually reviewing WordPress pages. Using this utility, you won't be wasting much of your life trying to figure out the topic of a WP page that interests you.

It' s ideal for WordPress people like you who want to keep up to date and be provided with the latest and trendiest topics. Specifically, the utility will help you find out which topics are more efficient to generate your visitors. Use WordPress Theme Detector today! In comparison to other existent detector systems, it is in some cases somewhat to the point as it shows the superordinate design and not the subordinate design.

Often the latter is a very personal result of an individual's work, while the former is the real WP topic on which the website is constructed. you´re has often seen a particular blogs or website that is WordPress related and has a beautiful look, and you've probably asked yourself what WordPress theme it uses, and in some cases you´re is not even sure if it uses WordPress at all.

Others you know it or it is quite clear because it´s is displayed in the bottom line. Often the bottom line even shows which WordPress theme is used, and in this case there is usually a hyperlink to the creator, vendor or distributer of the theme. So, just click this button to find the information about the WordPress theme you´re, see if it´s is available to you, if it´s is a free or premier theme, and whether you want to receive it.

In most cases, however, the information about the topic used is not available in the bottom line.

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