Theme Development

topic development

Analysis of the topic development in a text: Characters, Attitude & Presentation - Video & Lesson Transcript As soon as you can pinpoint the storyline, settings, characters and theme of a storyline, there is more to consider. Well, you probably already know what a subject is; it's an important concept about living that the writer tries to put into words. And you' re most likely also acquainted with personalities that are the humans in the narrative.

When I would ask you about the action, you would be willing to tell me that it is the order of things that are happening in a narrative, and also, if I wanted to know something about the environment, you would tell me that it is where and when a narrative is happening. It' s the actual gimmick to find out how all these things go together, especially how the theme refers to the character, the settings and the storyline.

That' s how I look at it - if the theme is the fingernail, then character, attitude and action are the key. I' m talkin' about this time-less tale, the ugly duckling. Blow out a team of adorable duckies - all except one cruel little guy who gets appropriately called the ugly duckling.

It tries to flee with a group of wonderful Swans, but its wing is not powerful enough and it is abandoned. He' ll be throwing himself at a herd of pretty pigs and getting beaten up by them instead of another year alone. He' s willing to death for his passivity, but the slings are welcoming him as one of them, and what do you know?

Turns out our kid was a pretty little pig the whole time! Kids everywhere are learning an important lifelong tale from this history - babyschans are super-hideous. Now, that and the notion that we should not evaluate humans by appearance, because the nastiest individual can grow into a pretty swimming pool, in metaphorical terms.

Well, now that you have the subject, let's take a look at how each character, attitude, and plot work together to underpin it. In general, what you learned from this history will also apply to other histories. Throughout history the figures are the ugly duckling, the farm animal and the swimming pool.

It is important that the ugly duckling sees the pigs early in history, because this explains the notion that pigs are pretty and exactly the opposite of the ugly duckling. Everybody loves a history with a great metamorphosis, like rag to rag, because there is such a great metamorphosis from one to the other.

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