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The Divi is here at last, and it is our most potent, versatile and attractive theme. We' ve been working on Divi for over three month now, and it felt great to be able to publish the most compelling theme we've ever made. The Divi is the most intelligent and versatile theme in our range. Sophisticated Page builder and a rugged module library allow you to build pages from scratch, giving you full creative power over your website.

No matter whether you are building a new on-line product range, an e-commerce showcase or a new home for your company, Divi delivers everything you need to turn your dream into real. The Divi is totally different from any other theme in our range. Divi creates everything with the Builders.

Whereas our earlier topics were limited to a singular lay-out pattern, Divi splits the theme into separate parts with limitless options. With Divi, the way you create Web sites will never be the same again. Extended Page builder allows you to create truly dynamical pages without having to learn coding. Builders are full of tonnes of great building blocks, and more are on their way!

Featuring multiple choices that come with each Divi module, you can manage the look and feel of each item on your website. Divi Page Builder works on a simple draft and edit system that lets you easily adjust and organize your designs. We have added a variety of ready-made layout templates to get you going.

Simply fill the example layout with your own contents for a fast and stunning looking website. Store your favourite layout for use on your website in the near term. Or you can choose to have your stored layout exported and imported into various WordPress installations. With Divi, you can support e-commerce, portfolios, blogs and more. Divi's Portfoliomodul allows you to present your work anywhere on your website.

Select from our ready-made product range layout or make a new one! With WooCommerce, Divi has what you need to get an on-line shop up and run in no hurry. We' ve added a few ready-made shop floor plans, and with the shop engine you can shop anywhere on your website.

The Divi comes with different types of blogs to select from, which you can customise to suit your needs. With Divi's Builders you can place your blogs anywhere on your website. With Divi, it's simple to customise every part of your website. Together with the Divi release we will publish a Divi related blogsite for 12 successive blogs.

We' re starting it with the Divi officially launched and a free Lifetime Membership givesaway. We will announce the winner on our twelfth day by Divi Mail. If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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