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class="ez-toc-section" id="File_manager_themes_and_design">File_manager Topics and Design The WP File Download is a file management tool for WordPress that is very versatile and simple to use for web designers and end-customers. You can manage all your file types and categories from your favorite file list with AJAX ordering and automatic storage functions. It contains 4 topics, with iconset and various renderings, which have been tried on the most popular WordPress theme provider lies.

The WP file download contains 4 topics by standard, with each topic having its own unique configurations. Because you can select one theme per file type and overwrite any parameters in the type, the theme system is very versatile. Set up the colour of the download key, the information representation, the memory and you are ready! Downloading WP documents can really match your WordPress theme.

Would you like to design your own website? You can do this with one click from the plug-in-setup. Call it, clamp it from an already designed one and you're done! New topics will be kept with the plug-in up-date. When you deactivate it, there is a system that automatically reverts to the standard theme.

Administration of the administration data is completely conceived in such a way that it is simple to use from anywhere. No matter if you are in a review, a page, in the plug-in administrator item list or on your phone, you can organize your WordPress documents in the same way. It' quite simple to move and order documents and folders, do not loose your habit, it works like WordPress interlaced menus.

Drag'n'drop file or categorie, it is used and stored automatic. Copy/Cut/Paste is very simple to use, it's just like on your desk, choose one or more file (s), drag anddrop it + The MAJ keypad makes a copy. Most important for customers is the open page, because file manager are usually not very user-friendly when it comes to navigating by file group.

Downloading WP file now provides AJAX navigating through file types. Any of these items can be enabled global or per group. Restriction can be specified natively in WordPress in any type of class. This means that it uses WordPress user role natives to specify permission. Within each catagory, you can only allow a specific group to view and organize a catagory of documents with a click.

It is also possible to restrict file administration to one folder per individual member (manage your own files). You can, for example, let them just process their own categories of file so they're not confused with all your own file categories. With a short code, you can easily add an online submission to your contents in a pre-defined file group.

Restrict file or file categorization to one or more people. Choose a file type or a file, pick one or more WordPress user (s) from the dropdown menu, and they will be the only ones to see the file. Every file has the ability to join more than one file without having to copy it, just choose the file you want to upload it to and you're done.

When you then edit the source file, all file mirror images are updated. The plug-in provides a very versatile e-mail messaging system that is initiated when a file performs actions on a file. Now you can alert the file owners, the file type owners, the WordPress administrator, and even attach customized e-mail alerts. Downloading WP documents allows you to organize several documents in different folders.

What about managing individual files? Use any file already loaded and paste it where you want. You can also create the colored download buttons for individual files to match your WordPress theme. File finder and filter tools are available through the parameter. Allows you to customise the desired option and create your own short code with the ability to add multiple SEO' s with different configuration.

Updating files is really a frequent and repeating job that you will face with a filemanager so it needs to be simple and quick to spare for you. We' ve added a file refresh icon to allow you to refresh an already created file with one click. Every and every times you submit a new file release on-line, the old release is saved and can be recovered with one click.

The download of WP-documents has an integrated file improver. Enable it, on the one side choose a file from your file system, on the other side choose a file type and click Importieren. Optionally, you can allow a user to download all items from a given folder as a single file. This is a zipped file.

An abbreviated number alternator is available to download a user-defined set of data sets. The WP file download is fully compliant with all important page building tools on WordPress markers, administrators and front-end page builders: An enhanced download stats statistics dashboard is available through the WordPress administrator (in addition to the Google Analytics Events Tracker).

It is possible to generate your statistic diagram and detail display using filters: file categories, individual file selections, download date area. The WP file download can perform a distant download (allow you to attach a file that can be downloaded distantly, not on your server). Set up a file name, a descriptive text, a file name, a file name, a file name, a file name, a file name, a file name, a URL, a file name, a file name, a file name, a file name, a file name, a URL, the file name, a file name, a URL, the file name, a file name, a URL, the file name, a URL, a URL, a URL, a URL, a URL, a URL, a URL, a URL, a URL, a URL a URL, a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a URL a a URL a a URL a a URL a a URL a a a URL a a a URL a a a a URL a a a a URL a a a a a a a a URL of a a file a file a file a file a file a file a file a file a file a file a file a file a

You can display a file catagory or any sub-catagory of a file using the WordPress menus system. When you use Google Analytics on your website, you can keep tabs on downloads and open documents (when a file is previewed). Behaviour > Event you will see 2 new preview and download event. File Download WP plug-in very versatile.

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