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ThemeSphere Blog - Smart Blog WordPress Blog The SmartBlog is a lightweight and stylish piece of furniture designed to be extraordinary in all types of blog. It' s not just the contemporary look that catches the eye, but also the rugged yet easy-to-use back-end system administered by WordPress Live Customizer. And if you're not satisfied with the many topic choices, you can be sure that our technical assistance personnel are there to help.

Handmade for all types of blog pages. Multiple homepage layouts for your blog: Custom widgets build in for a great blog. Complimentary updates and new blog functions. Should you ever have problems creating Smart Blog with your WordPress setup, you can contact our kind and committed help desk via our help forums.

Brickwork list styles for blog and catagories. - Improved sideband styles for the Page section after changing colors. - Bugfixed pedal line hyperlinks store problems with some web hosts. - Enhanced power on portable gadgets. - Standard WordPress gallery on your phone. - We have extended the Jetpack Gallery with the Full Width Layouts feature. Footswitch layouts in portable gadgets.

iDoodle ZUM - Personal Blog WordPress Topic from iDoodle

To - Interface Personal Blog Wordpress Theme is a templates with luxurious styling features designed to be extraordinary in all types of blog and minimalist journals. It is not only the built-in contemporary designs that are aesthetic, but also the variety of possible layouts for blogging and magazine use. It' a blog topic where everything looks the way you want it to, works the way you need it to, and you just get to feeling utterly utter.

Contemporary, minimalist materials used. Enhanced headers with unique headers styles and headers backgrounds. Limitless colour options with Backend Colour Picker for any kind of beautiful colouring.

Write Blog - Personal Blog of A-Works

Wasrting is a neat and neat blog theme for perfectly for authors who need to build a blog site with easy personalized functions and creating special effect to give the reader the fun of blog post and article readings, write blog personalized theme blends between contemporary, classical and minimum style and will help you build a blog if you are a blogger,

it' a great option for you if you don't need to do any experimentation to set up your own custom blog in MS Wordpress, it' really quick and hassle-free to set up, you get high end, fast responding, well-designed blogs that are instantly ready for authors to concentrate on just creating your own stories, and it has great typeography so your supporters can concentrate on every single thing you say.

00: You get RTL Blog RTL scripting, it has gotten better to fully suport RTL scripting idioms, almost no different from LTR scripting idioms, now you can use RTL scripting to amaze your reader with this stunning minimum RTL blog, if your scripting idiom is right -to-left, we've used Arabian as an example, you can watch the demonstration here:

Posting is a minimum blog topic for Wordpress, everything has been made very easy, just for you. All you have to do is concentrate on your own authoring and this topic will provide a great read for your bloggers. Topic authoring is well organized and has the most progressive and perfectly designed HTML outlines to build a friendship between your website and your webmasters.

All is built according to the latest search engine regulations, so using this theme will increase your search engine optimization results and will get the right reader to you. Lots of ways to show off your blog contents. There are many ways to show your blog post, you can easily change between blog style (Standard, Classic, List, Masonry), you select the best way to show your contents.

As well as having a sleek look, everything is incredibly straightforward and very straightforward to set up, you don't need any skill set to customise your blog, you just need to set up the look and you will finish your blog. With the Writing Wordpress theme, you can show yourself on several different websites.

Also, your article will have a good relationship with your favorite community sites, all sites are well created with Open Graph to look good when you post them on them. - Possibility to insert pictures in Twitter widgets Twitter widgets pictures. - The Add Reply to Twitter Widgets tweet feature to prevent responses in Twitter widgets.

  • Included the option to display the full Twitter twitweet in Twitter widgets. - minor corrections and enhancements. August 52 - 4, 2018 - Fix of the standard picture problem with the release on the homepage. - Small corrections and enhancements. June 51 - 19, 2018 - Post a Featured Post Blog Layout with your own blogmarks. - Smallier corrections and enhancements.

May 50 - 8, 2018 - Fix online pictures in postal contents in Mobil. - Corrects release symbols in the side bar listing. - Several small corrections and enhancements. - Make the headers more tacky. - Little corrections. Apr 47 -18 Apr 2018 - Fixed problem with tacky logotype check. - Mmm. Small corrections.

Apr 46 -12 Apr 2018 - Improve the look of the blog on your phone. - Minor corrections. - Option to increment single view counts (From Look > Hit Counter Settings). - Added an item to modify the text of the menu key. - An option to display the dayline under the picture is added. #431-18 Mar. 2018 #Small fixed-casss #

  • Some important rtl enhancements. {\a6}- 41-7 Mar. 2018 - Fixed release symbols. - Use this option to set the image size. Feb 39-17 Feb 2018 - Fix Blog title font size setting in page bar layouts. - Type enhancements. - Choose the options to deactivate automatic and metadata.
  • Option to deactivate the topic's FB script. - Slight corrections and enhancements. - Correction of the problem with sharing symbols on a page when the blog is bricked. - Minor corrections and enhancements. - The option to adjust the width x hight of the picture is added to Simple Post. - Smallier fixes and enhancements. Dec. 28, 2017 - Remove the Mobile Menu icon if the top panel is empty.
  • Remedies the problem with the page in postal size. - Smallier corrections and enhancements. Dec. 34 - Dec. 26, 2017 - Added an optional search to suppress the search in the top bar. - Add the ability to fade out the caption on individual posting pages. - Little corrections and enhancements. Dec. 33 - 11, 2017 - Improvement of size of banners.
  • Slight fixups and enhancements. Dec. 2017 - Fixed font for the centre part of the logotype. - Slight fixes and enhancements. November 31 - 25, 2017 - Enable or disable the ability to show or hide sharing symbols for individual items only. - To add an item to display authors' information on the authors' page. - Slight corrections and enhancements.

Nov 30 - Nov 17 2017 - Compatibility with Wordpress 4.9. - Select the Show/Hide slider side bar options. - Allow you to show/hide sticky menus on individual pages/posts. - Some minor corrections and enhancements. Release 3. 29. - 9. November 2017 - Enhancements in the cell phone menue. - New improvements to the movable side bar.

  • Minor corrections and enhancements. 3. 28 - 8 Nov. 2017 - Typographic enhancements. November 3, 27 - 5, 2017 - Masonry with featured blog posting blog adding Layout. - Select the Append radio button to specify the number of articles per page on the blog page. - A few small enhancements and corrections. October 24, 2017 - Improvement of the header types of postal contents.
  • More small improvements and corrections. 3. 25. - 24. October 2017 - Fixed hight of videos and audios on brickwork. - Small-time improvements and corrections. October 2, 2017 - Added Content Width Views checkbox (Wide, Narrow). - minor improvements and corrections. October 1, 2017 - Corrects read progression with gooey headers and administrator bars.
  • Adds Stumbleupon to split symbols. - Whatsapp and telegram can be added to split symbols on the phone. - The options are added to the mail size symbol. - Lesser corrections and enhancements. 3. 22. - 19. September 2017 - Fix the problem with the creator of the Facebook-Links. - Smallier fixups and enhancements. Release 3. 21. - 11. September 2017 - Insert checkbox to specify the release pole location (before the contribution contents, after the contribution contents, both).
  • Change the editor look to resemble the type face of page contents. - Slight fixups and enhancements. 3. 20 - 18 August 2017 - Fixed the problem with the Read More icon in the User Defined Descriptions. - We add Rich Text function to Customizing Post Description. - Lesser corrections and enhancements. 19/7 August 2017 - Corrects lack of updates to structure errors in your information.
  • Use this option to view excerpts with a format. - Slight fixes and enhancements. July 18 - July 31, 2017 - Remove the double favoricon options. - Specify the shared symbols to be displayed when hovering or always. - Select the Text Footer Credits Text box and choose Full Text. - Use this option to create an e-mail symbol for sharing.
  • Set the printing symbol to the release symbols. - Major corrections and enhancements. July 17 - 24, 2017 - Correct the question of dismissal of imports. - Activating the order by number of view options for the Write - Post List Widget. - A few corrections and enhancements. July 16 - 17, 2017 - Fixed dayline centring with centred logotype.
  • Appends the prefix Tagsline type. - Allows the addition of the Dayline fontsize options. - Added the Altitude item to the line of the dayline. - The option to disable/enable mail reformatting can be added to the full-text blogglist. - Some minor corrections and enhancements. July 15 - 7, 2017 - Compatibility with Wordpress 4.8. - Modifies the styling of the logotype in the middle.
  • Customize the fonts of the logos. - Click the Append button to specify the blog page categories. - Add options to adjust the fonts Image. - option to deactivate the Standard Topic Warehouse. - A few corrections and enhancements. May 14 - 25, 2017 - Fix fonts setting for individual blog titles. - to set the catagory in the Post List Widget.

Apr 2017-13 - Apr 2017-14 - Fix problem with edit boxes in Apple Desktop OS X for Apple OS X. - Apply additional typographic choices (blog lists titles, line mail titles, widgets titles, meta information). - Some minor corrections and improvements. February 12 - 21, 2017 - Fix the problem with the read more buttons. February 11 - 19, 2017 - Correct entry boxes in safari.

  • Allow to select the relationship to related articles (category, tags, author). - More minor corrections and enhancements. January 10 - January 28, 2017 - Correction of the display of the categories if the blog contains only one group. - Fixed a bug that caused the Next key to be displayed when all contents were used with < < ! - Adds Adjax Loading Page Type.
  • Wordpress 4.7.x compatible - Small corrections and enhancements. October 06 - 13, 2016 - Improve the gooey meal. - add Pocket Shares to the Pocket Shares icon. - New option to download standard theme scripts local instead of Google CDN scripts. - Smaller corrections and enhancements. September 05 - 21, 2016 - Fix List Styles on your cell phone.
  • Added options for sticking your phone to your screen. August 04 - 24, 2016 - Resolves the problem with the Instagram Widget. - Smaller corrections and enhancements. July 03 - 21, 2016 - Fix hr1 typographic type area. - Corrects the stylistic of the author's soft symbols. - Added ability to show/hide symbols for sharing. - Smaller corrections and enhancements.

July 02 - 11, 2016 - Fixed custom CSS/JS code disinfection. - Fix blog layouts with page bar width problems on monitors with less than 992 monitors. - Corrects the order of the mail navigations at RTL. - Fix the arrows of the mail navigator in the portable screen. June 01 - 20, 2016 - RTL style enhancements. - General style enhancements.

  • Open Graphic Fixed. - Small troubleshooting. - Enhancements in the dropdown menu of RTL. June 19, 2016 - RTL style enhancements. - General style enhancements. - Open Graphic Fixed. - Small troubleshooting. June 75 - 9, 2016 - Fixed a problem with the side bar of the index and categories. June 4, 2016 - 74 - Improvement of the pull-out feature.
  • Added the Show Shares item to the page preferences. - Improved gooey menus. - Improved the upper border color. May 73 - 23, 2016 - The default width has been modified to enhance typographical and legibility features. - Blank scrollbar in the side panel of the film. - Enhancements in rtl-type. - Little corrections and enhancements. May 72 - 14, 2016 - Correct glutinous meal back.
  • Some minor corrections. May 71 - May 11, 2016 - Added User -Defined Descriptions to publish preferences item. April 70 - 25, 2016 - Compatible with Wordpress 4.5. - When the post is less than an extract, press the Continue Read key to suppress it. - Corrections and minor improvements. April 65 - 12, 2016 - Added header background style options (single, tile, cover).
  • Added/remapped feature to crop feature on a page. - Use the Add Fade Out/Hide Titles and Authors on a Page button. - Little corrections and enhancements. April 64 - 4, 2016 - Enhancements to meeta tag. - Added an item to allow you to post pictures that will be shared on your friends on your website. - Added the possibility to move the presented picture under the heading for individual articles/pages.
  • Correct the fontsize and elevation settings for menu and blog descriptions in Typography. - Minor corrections and improvements. March 63 - 20, 2016 - Minor corrections and improvements. March 62 - 17, 2016 - Apply picture shapes and resize choices to the (Writing - About Me) Widget. - Adds the upper panel colour choice.
  • Added the Header-Hover colour preference. - Adding tracks to your list using the Title HTML checkbox. - Minor corrections and improvements. 61-6 March 2016 - Corrects postal extract on other blog layouts than blog. - Append blog excerpts to your type choices. - Minor corrections and improvements. January 60-18, 2016 - ADDED: Glued menu item for the customizer.
  • There were a lot of enhancements and smaller bugfixes. January 50-27, 2016 - ADDED: Added an optional user-defined headers and footers that can be added to the list. - A lot of enhancements and smaller bugfixes. January 43-22, 2016 - Fix: Problem with page width greater than or equal to 90px. - a lot of enhancements and smaller bugfixes. January 42 -21, 2016 - Improvements:

Enhancements to the mail option. - Plenty of enhancements and smaller bugfixes. January 41-20, 2016 - Fix: January 40-20, 2016 - Improvements: User interface enhancements for customization. - There are many enhancements and smaller bugfixes. January 33-17, 2016 - Fixed: Twitter OAuth problem. - There were a lot of enhancements and smaller bugfixes. December 32 - 28, 2015 - Many enhancements and smaller bugfixes.

December 31-27, 2015 - FIXED: December 30-23, 2015 - FIXED: Problems with roman letters in the article. Solves problems with the mail-manner. - Settings: ADDED: Page width modification options. - pentry added: possibility to fade out contributions. - NOTED: Added options to show/hide the Learn More buttons. - APPLICED: Added more text reading options.

  • Plenty of improvements and smaller bugfixes. December 2, 20 - 06, 2015 - ADDED: Add children theme folders to the bundle. - A lot of improvements and smaller bugfixes. November 10-17, 2015 - ADDED: Option to show/hide individual meta-information. - There were a lot of improvements and smaller bugfixes. November 01 - 4, 2015 - FIXED:

Features images appear in a standalone mail, even if the mail is only text. October 26, 2015 - FIXED: The default mail now shows the presented picture. Size of thumbnails after navigation. Host next entry. - IMPROVED: Option to adjust the backgrounds of the primary site and the contents-backgrounds. - Much more improvements and smaller bugfixes.

1. 23. - 29. September 2015 - RESOLVED - Views Problem where some folks got an exception in the administration area. Release 1. 22. - 29. September 2015 - FIXED - Views counters bugfix. - Definitions and bugfixes. September 1, 21 - 29, 2015 - FIXED - Facebook commented on the improved ranking.

  • Bugfixes and enhancements. September 1, 20 - 27, 2015 - ADDED - View number indication options. - penallowed - an option to modify the location wallpaper. - INSERTED - Added an item to modify the head wallpaper. - AEDD - optional centering of the website emblem. - The ADDED button allows you to delete the logopoint.
  • penallowed - allows you to enable/disable the mail statement and modify the limits. - PENTRATED - Added an alternative for changing the end of the postal extract. - added - optional addition of user-defined CSS/JS codes. - added - optional to include your own personal comment on your friends Facebook. - Small bug fixes and enhancements. 1. 12. - 04. July 2015 - Added: Added ability to turn off cutting of galleries in bloglog.

1. 11. - 02. July 2015 - Added: Added fade in and fade out of related articles options. 1. 10. - 02. July 2015 - Added: Added possibility to insert a descriptive tag below or next to the logotype. - added: Added ability to turn off crop of banana pictures in blogslist. - New: Added options to show and hide authors boxes in all articles and pages.

  • Added: Added options to show and hide authors' boxes of single articles or pages. - Added: Added ability to show and hide sharing symbols in all postings and pages. - Added: Added ability to show and hide metainformation in all articles and pages. Added: Added ability to fade out article and page titles.

June 08, 2015 - Fixed: - Fixed: Enhancements and smaller bugfixes for the RTL-release. Release 1. 02. - 06. June 2015 - Fixed: Problem in headers. pdf files with some releases of PHP. - Fixed: Enhancements and smaller bugfixes. 1st 01 - 05th June 2015 - Added: Added ability to add picture logotype and retina logotype up.

  • added: Added options to adjust the width and hight of the logotype. - Add: Added possibility to createavicon. Conflicts with postal format. - Fixed: Enhancements and smaller bugfixes.

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