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Pictures| Topic developers manual This section explains how to handle images in the library. When you want to show the picture in your topic folder, just specify the storage place with the import tags and design it with your own customsscript. In order to view the picture in the library, use the command wp_get_attachment_image(). You can use a different resize, e.g.

'full' for the source picture or'medium' and'large' for the settings > Medium in the management screen, or any combination of width and hight as an arrow.

You can also create user-defined sized character string with add_image_size(); mysql wp_get_attachment_image( $attachment->ID, Array(640, 480) ); if you want to get the picture's actual location, use wp_get_attachment_image_src(). Return an row (URL, width, altitude, is_intermediate) or return true if no picture is available. images_attributes = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $attachment->ID); If you add the picture to your website, you can specify the orientation of the picture as right, centered, right, left or without.

To take full benefit of these CSS class advantages for orientation and text wrap, your design must contain the style in a style sheet, such as the primary one. They can use the styleo.ccss, combined with offical topics like Twenty Seventeen, as a benchmark. When a caption for the picture was specified in the media library, the HTML-IMG element was surrounded by the shortcodes[caption] and [/caption].

As with orientations, your design must contain the following style.

working_with_images">working with_images

Your images will all be saved and can be maintained in the Media Library, but you can go different ways to get there. Most often the most frequent way is to add an picture directly to a contribution or page. As a result, the picture is saved in the Media Library and the picture is displayed where you pasted it.

It is also possible to directly load images into the media library using the Multi-File Loaders or the Single-File Loaders. Intermediate users can directly use an FTP client to send images. If you are posting or modifying a story, you can insert an illustration by using the Insert Media buttons above the edit field.

Opens a dialog box that shows the multi-file uploader. Pictures that you insert here are added to the library as well. When you want to up-load a picture for a later contribution, go to the Dishboard and go to Tools --> Create New. Here you can load several images before you know in which contribution you want to insert them.

When you know what an FTP client is, you can directly add images to the /wp-content/uploads directory. Topic with picture in the head area. Fotoblog or Gallery - Have an on-line photoblog with plug-ins, topics and tonnes of ressources.

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