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Beautiful and professional designs for the user interface of your installer. Installer Software for Windows: Portable tool that installs and removes Windows designs. Theme Installer (Windows) - Download Windows can simply be customised with different background images, windowskins and other eye candy's included in different topics. Sadly, these designs often come from third-party vendors and don't work on Windows unless you've done some system optimizations before - something that many people don't find interesting. This is where the Windows Theme Installer can help you.

When you want to deploy third-party visually-improved designs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (such as those found in DeviantArt), but don't know exactly how to optimize your system to work, Windows Theme Installer is for you. It is a straightforward utility that allows you to easily deploy topics and take charge of all necessary patches and optimizations of system files.

How it works: After you download a theme, run the Windows Theme Installer and enable the Theme checkbox. Search the harddisk for the.theme and click onto install theme. The Windows Theme Installer does the work and gives you the ability to immediately start applying the design.

Notice that the Windows Theme Installer contains other possible component choices in the theme you downloaded. Those are facultative, but the one you'll always find is the.theme filename. The Windows Theme Installer allows you to easily add third-party designs to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows 7+ Theme Installer: Simply install/apply/delete themes

During the first run, you will be asked if you want to fix the UXTheme file. You will need to apply a fix if you want to use third-party designs. Click Yes if you haven't already fixed the file (or if you're not sure). Windows logs off after a while and indicates that it has finished applying patches.

In order to add new themes: Press the .... for .theme icon and search for the theme filename. When the theme you want to deploy contains removable system executables, click the .... click for the name of the system executables and locate the system executable. Under Windows 7, instead of TwinUI.dll, Explorer.exe, ExplorerFrame.dll and OobeFldr.dll can be modified.

Your application will ensure that the system you select has the right Windows release and system architectures. Once you have chosen the.theme and the system executables you want to substitute, click Topic & Installs System executables. The Windows Explorer is restarted and the theme and system installation folders are loaded now.

Choose the new theme from the drop-down menu and click Use Theme to use it. In order to recover the standard system file, simply click Recover standard system file. In order to apply/delete already installed designs, choose any design from the installed designs drop-down menu and click Apply/Delete Design.

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