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Become a member of the club and get access to all Premium Joomla themes and extensions. The Joomla template for restaurant, pub or cafe. A creative and modern Joomla template for business websites. Check out the most powerful Joomla Template Designer in the world.

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This theme was developed for tourism agents, wholesalers and consultants. You can use the templates for your commercial, finance, consulting, etc. Web sites. The submission should interest enterprises from the fields of economy, industry, agriculture, construction, politics as well as social science. It will prove useful for website holders in the fields of economics, justice, politics as well as social affairs. Specifically developed for commercial, educational, arts, social and cultural Web sites.

It is recommended to use this theme for hotel, property, design and vacation pages. You can use this artwork to create artwork, photographs, design, hobby, craft and entertaining webpages. The theme is tailor-made for boating, regattas, sailboats, boathouses, yachts, regattas, sailing as well as visiting our website. The theme is tailor-made for sporting, extremist, scuba divers, clubs, outdoor, leisure, lifestyles, active sporting and social webpages.

This theme was developed for indoor and outdoor designs, decoration, hotel and property. This theme will be perfectly suited for commercial, education, finance and promotional webpages. You can use the templates for tour, commercial, advertising, as well as administrative canvases. We recommend this artwork for CV, portfolios or on-line CV pages.

You can use this theme for your photographic, architectural, and graphic arts sites. You can use this topic for Web sites for auto, yacht, transport, and repair related activities. You can use this site to create your own website in the fields of aesthetics, medicine, social and human, economic and social affairs. You can use this theme for different things and different niche businesses. This theme is suitable for farms, agriculturists, eco-markets, etc.

These templates were created solely for Logistic, Forwarding, Load, Carriage, Trucking, Shipment, Global Shipment, Warehouse, Ground Handling, Home-to-Home Shipment, Packing and Warehouse, Corporate and Service Web Sites. Designed specifically for agricultural, agricultural, machine, gear, economic and educational Web sites. The theme has been specifically developed for web sites for travellers, agencies, guides, holiday advisors, tourists, accommodations and amusement.

The article is the ideal complement for realtors, apartments, villas, tenements, offices, shops and service, designs and photographs, automobiles and motorcycle pages. It arouses great interest in travelling, arts, photography, indoor, outdoor or marriage work. It is the best choice for medicinal, cosmetic and social use.

What makes Joomla templates so fantastic? The Joomla theme contains 14 lines of modules positioning that allow you to have over 80 modules positioned on the page. Put your modules together as you need them. Swoop sliders, roundabouts, tabs, an enhanced newsflash engine, Google Map plug-in, community share button and counter - you get everything you need to build a website with extensive features.

You can also use various CSS3 animated animations for your Joomla Portfolios templat. The Joomla 3 Topics come with Komento, a full-featured comment system with vote and evaluation capabilities. You can change layouts without affecting other Joomla pages. The Joomla templatas are essentially ready-made design for web sites that run on Joomla CMS.

The Joomlatemplatepackage contains data sets and codes and graphics as well as moduls which define the look and feel of the website after you have uploaded the theme and filled it with your contents. This section we have compiled our entire set of them, covering topics related to different Joomla releases as well as templating with different technology (like Flash or jQuery for example, you all seem to really like these additional features) and for different purpose (like Joomla weblog templating, Joomla galleries templating, Joomla shop templating and others).

Each Joomla-Memplate you buy from us not only gives you a free Joomla-Memplate, but also free Joomla-Service from our staff (in case something goes awry for some reason). Choosing the right article from our Joomla site won't be difficult - with a large selection we have, you won't have a trouble choosing the right look for any company you can imagine!

When you still find working with a pattern a little challenge for you, you can simply go to the easiest layer and get a free Joomla 3 pattern and see how to do something with it. In order to make sure that your web resources work properly, please install the latest version of Joomla 3.6. When you have a question about the Joomla install, you can consult the Joomla doc.

Once Joomla is up and running on the webhosting site, it's your turn to choose the right theme from our Joomla template library. When you need the template for a certain Joomla release, you can have a look at our Joomla 3.2. Topics 0 - 3.6. x Topics and older Joomla 3.0. x - 3.3. x Topics.

Our templating tuning staff will fine-tune a selected submission to make it a ready-to-use website for just $299. Install ing - to help you reduce your efforts and saving your precious amount of work, you can order the templates from our Service Center. As soon as you have given your webhosting provider the login data, the setup will be finished within 3hrs.

Your own Logos added - our Service Center will insert a customer's own logos into the submission within 12 working days of entering their full credentials. Colour changes - our Service Center will modify the colour chart of the artwork within 24 working days of providing full credentials to the colour chart of your choice.

Multilingual Bundle - our Service Center installs the multilingual bundle in your Joomla templates with all necessary Joomla programming languages. These also include the switch to another language and the multilingual plug-in as well. Velocity Booster - our templating tuning staff will optimise and accelerate your website to increase the conversion ratio and help you get a good seach rank.

The SEO Audit - our Template Tuning Project helps you to make your website searchable in various webmasters. Prime SEO Pack - our Template Tuning Project will help you to increase the volume of your website and your revenue through your network. The Joomla has a number of moduls - various enhancements to change websites.

Joomla-modules are basically coding codes, which get the information from a website or Joomla-Datenbank. You can place a requested modul at any pre-defined modul location within a Joomla theme. Have a look at the most frequently used moduls that you can try out: Article - Newsflash-Modul is an extended Joomla article of the standard Newsflash-Moduls.

In addition to the default modules, it offers additional configurations and bootstrap-based modules. Item - A unique modular system is designed to bring a particular item into the desired location. The Bootstrap Collapse Modul allows you to display a certain number of articles from a certain category or a choice of categories.

It is more progressive than the standard article - Newsflash-Modul. The Bootstrap Tabs panel displays a specific number of articles from a specific category or a choice of categories in a tabs lay-out. The TM Ajax Contacts is a Contacts for Joomla Engineering. Adding a Joomla page to your Joomla page will help.

The Komento plugin is a Joomla feature that allows you to comment on Joomla items. So if you already have a Joomla 3.x x temlate, you can find out how to create a standard Joomla page and find out how to modify the copyrights notice in the bottom line. Even if you want to swap a style sheet to another one, you will find out how to setup a multilingual web site using Joomla 3.x.

If you have already have the Joomla templating software on your computer, if you have already tried it, if you have customized it and if you want to migrate your website to the web hosting, this step is useful. Do you need our Joomla-Semplates? This is the ultimative line! You will find over 700 Joomla templatas in top class qualit.

Every day new Joomla topics with high performance feature (like Joomla Bootstrap-Templates or Joomla Parallax-Templates) are created. Stick photos contained in the preview artwork you see here are your own that you should keep - as long as they are within the framework of the site. The Joomla topics are divided into subcategories:

Joomla! Joomla! CMS is a free, open code web site contents administration system that provides a single, easy and convenient user experience. This means that you do not need any programming knowledge to adapt your website to our Joomla-topics. Joomla! CMS has similar functions to the Mambo CMS (Joomla! is a variant of Mambo, but Joomla theme is not fully compliant with Mambo).

Joomla! is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence. Joomla! is used under a restricted licence by Open source developers in the United States and other states.

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