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is the evil of capitalism. Jungle - Fast reacting multipurpose WordPress theme from ThemesEagle The Jungle is a fast-reacting, multi-purpose WordPress theme suitable for your face-to-face or work. It' very simple to set up the theme, and much simpler to use it to edit, alter and post your contents. There is a very clear, contemporary styling, everything well encoded in an appealing lay-out, it has a lightweight frame with very versatile features.

Allow Jungle to enhance your WordPress work flow and your expertise. Completely reactive design - Jungle is a fully reactive WordPress theme developed to customize all browsers widths/resolutions and all portable gadgets. All Jungle faders are either reactive, you can try it by scaling your browsing pane and you will see the results.

Style Preferences - One of the most advanced Jungle functions that lets you customize your look and feel by simply customizing it to your own color, and it has style preferences for background color & pictures as well as hyperlinks and button styles. Super LayerSlider - Jungle contains a LayerSlider that is the most popular palladium effectlider in the world.

It' s extremely adaptable and has a breathtaking administrative panel, a high-performance WordPress slide control plug-in with many functions and responds to it. Jungle allows you to customize your home page to your website by selecting your own logos and colours such as header wallpaper colour, navigational wallpaper colour and much more.

Google 500+ typefaces - Jungle comes with over 500+ Google web typefaces, you can simply choose and modify your favourite typeface for headlines, nav, title, bar, solids and more to do this, go to the Theme radio button, under Style choices and choose the typeface that best fits you.

Installation Demonstration Data - We have attached the HTML to make it easy for you to install our demonstration contents into your website, 10 home pages, about page 1 and 2, services 1 and 2, reviews, pages, commentaries, user-defined boxes, items, navigation menu and user-defined reviews. and all are provided and you can view our videos of how to install the HTML to your website. The pictures are not provided we have substituted them with empty pictures.

Boxed Versions & Widespread Versions - Jungle comes with boxed & widespread versions, and you can simply toggle it in the options bar to do that, go to Theme Options panel, Below the Style options and choose either boxes or widespread layouts versions. Infinite Colors - We make it simple for you to customize the look and feel. In the background you will find a dialog where you can choose a favorite colors and you can simply add the favorite colors you like the most, for example the magic #8cbd2e and add it to the dialog where you can choose the colors for the forms.

User-defined Widget - We've added 8 great Widget that you can simply add by dragging and dropping into the Widget area, including the following widgets: Twitter, Flickr, Search, Categories, Tabs, Calendars, Tags, Recent Posts, Accordion & Text Envelopes and Short Codes. User-defined posting styles - We've made it simple for you to create user-defined posting styles, you can select either the right or right side panel, embed the top page header, you can also select an half-width picture with descriptions and detail, and you can simply insert an enhanced picture with features, and you can also view the slide on the page and much more.

High-definition Videodocumentation - We've made a few movies that will help you get the theme up and running with high definition, you can watch them in our support forum or either on our Youtube channel, we've also included them in the documentary, in these movies you'll see how you can simply use the Jungle design.

A small learn curve, as with all administrator add-ins, but this is an extraordinary design with very neat feature set. Our fast reacting design is VERY well done. Switches smoothly from portable to tray and desk top. Functions of the jungle: Added to headers. Added a condition to display the user-defined track for a particular portfolios and blogs page in the directory name.

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