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Topic Meaning

An issue of discourse or discussion. Issue meaning. Significance and definition of the topic. Syntonyms, antonyms, derived terms, anagrams and thematic senses. Much more than just the moral or premise of the story, the subject can best be understood to understand what a story means.

Topic is the central topic or idea that is examined in a text. Topic:

Meaning and definitions of topics

Theme of a lecture or art work; a theme. Musical The principal tune of a musical work, especially one that is the origin of variation. Movie, TV A tune or excerpt of a tune that picks up a movie, a TV programme, a figure, etc., by acting at the right moment. Computer ing, visual The compilation of colour patterns, sound, works of art, etc. that "hits" an area surrounding a particular theme.

Used to applied a theme to; modify the look and/or feel of (software).

Topic = Meaning - Go into history

Much more than just the morality or premises of history, the subject can best be grasped to understand what a history means. I am currently studying Core VII: Theme, one of eight classrooms in my Core syllabus that focus on theoretical authoring. The first day we look at different approaches to how to explain the theme and end up with my write principle: theme = meaning.

This is an extract from lecture 1 in which I analyse the make-up of the film Truegrit by the Coen brothers: In general, I'm not a big enthusiast of removals, but what Joel and Ethan Coen did with Truegrit represented strong film-making, not least how they weave the core theme of the narrative together.

In fact, this theme is exposed in the first seconds of the film. The opening title in the sound track is a Klavierfassung of the old anthem "Leaning on the everlasting Arms". INTO HIS POORS! Thus she leans herself against his ( Cogburns ) eternal poor. These are the texts of the anthem, which by the way is the tune you sing when the end credits are over: the anthem:

And what a communion, what a heavenly delight to lean on the eternal poor; what a bliss, what kind of freedom, what kind of freedom mine is, what kind of freedom, what kind of eternal poor. Lean, lean, safety and security against all alarm; lean, lean, lean, lean, lean on the eternal forearms. Oh how cute it is to go on this pilgrimage and lean on the eternal poor; o how light the way becomes from time to time and leans on the eternal poor.

When I lean on my eternal poor, what have I to be afraid of, what have I to be afraid of? And I have given my Lord my blessing of eternal strength. The Inner World (Themeline) revolves around Matty's voyage around her Metamorphose from violent independency to dependency on others, from the separation of her childhood as an adulthood to the separation of all others, to the search for a bond, then finally confidence in Cogburn.

Cogburn becomes in some way the Christ of the anthem. Therefore, when Cogburn makes the exceptional effort at the end of the film to rescue Mattie's lives, we see the subject not presented in an intellectually, but in a strong, emotionally way. There is hardly any dialog during this three-minute scene sequence, almost all visual representations, especially by Mattie, who leans in Cogburn's shoulder (on horseback) and then hangs on Cogburn's arm (on foot).

Ironically, Mattie does not alter as an adulthood, at least not in a recognizable way. Mattie only has to look at her lacking lower arm for the remainder of her lifetime to be remembered every single minute of every single passing shift for these crucial moments so deep in her awareness. It is this kind of structure, this kind of multi-layered level of interpretations and emotions that we consider to have emerged from the subjects of a narrative.

Perhaps we could decide to consider True Grit with the theme as a proposition. "Or theme as your own name. "Then Mattie starts as an grown-up, then he becomes a kid. However, in essence, this tale is about a relation between Mattie and Rooster, the bow of metamorphoses from their controversial beginning to their redemption when he holds the maiden in his eternal embrace.

It'?s a topic of great importance to emotions. Too often authors come close to the topic as an intellectual practice, while it works best when one thinks of the history meaning - and, in particular the emotion - meaning - and, the different levels of interaction between character psychology, meaning?-?and. For more information on this important topic, register for my one-week Core VII: Theme course, which starts today.

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