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Theme - Minimal Ecommerce Website Template Present several pictures of your company or your company on your homepage. Provide your clients with a clearer view and additional information when they move their mouse over a picture. Show items from the same line on your item pages so your shoppers can keep buying. Enables clients to screen items by model and classify by bestsellers and prices on the collector page.

Every theme in the theme shop is also included:

* /path>Usage

View a pre-view of the theme to see what it looks like, or even use it today. Used to use the minimal theme: To the _config.yml of your website, include the following: : If you want to see a previewer of your website on your computer, optional the following can be added to the gefile of your website: Minimally will consider the following variable if they are placed in the _config.yml of your website: : :

" "If you want to modify the HTML theme layout: It should immediately cover the overwhelming bulk of user needs, which is more on the side of convenience than on the side of agility, and allow the user to choose extra complication if they have special needs or want to further adapt their expertise (e.g. add customized style sheets or modify the standard layout).

Are you interested in making a donation to Minimal? Minimum is an opensource project created by people like you.

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