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TemplateMonsters have a growing library of WordPress themes. Thousands of high-quality templates are available for WordPress. Top WordPress Portfolio Themes The theme is suitable for joinery, civil engineering, decoration, electric, crafts, home, servicing, plumbing, refurbishment, repairs and covering, property, design joinery and photographs, commercial and service, automobiles and motorbikes, medicinal sites. The theme will be a great addition for builders, builders, architects and renovators, businesses and service providers, communities and individuals, healthcare, realty, engineering and photographic sites.

The theme has been specifically developed for Arts & Fine Arts, Photos, Artists, Photogallery, Photographic Exhibitions, Photographic Laboratory, Portfolios and Photographic Portfolios Sites. This theme is suggested for tobaccos, hobby craft, presents, books, musical sites. This theme is suggested for apparel and cosmetics sites.

The TemplateMonster Review: One WordPress theme for each project?

More than 1,400 WordPress topics can be found under TemplateMonster. That' an amazing number of topics, but are they good? This TemplateMonster Review will look at some of their best WordPress topics, the other features they provide, and whether they provide value for your investment. When you are looking for a new WordPress theme, this review will help you determine whether searching TemplateMonster's large libraries is really valuable, or whether you should turn your attentions to other areas instead.

TemplateMonsters have a burgeoning libary of WordPress topics. Since TemplateMonster was introduced in 2002, it has become one of the biggest market places for website templates. The WordPress topics were introduced to the market in 2006 and there are now more than 1,400 of them. Every one is available only from TemplateMonster and was designed by a dedicated design group.

Nowhere else will you find these topics. TemplateMonster WordPress topics are designed by a group of internal design professionals. We' ll take a closer look at the price detail later in this test, but their most favorite WordPress topics are available on an individually priced base of around $75.

Optionally, upgrade is available for every theme purchased, complete with theme install and web host. TemplateMonster at the moment of posting did not provide any subscription options or theme clubs that would give you entry to all its items for a prize. In addition to the default licences, TemplateMonster offers a buyout licence that allows you to take a theme off the board and make sure you are the last individual to get it - something you might want to consider when looking for a one-of-a-kind theme for your WordPress website.

Here are some important information about TemplateMonster: Provides 1,422 WordPress topics (plus more than 25,000 template files for other platforms). Topics cover several different areas, among them blogging, portfolio, business sites, e-commerce shops and more. Provides a small set of WordPress plug-ins. The WordPress topics are usually at $75. Additional sevices, such as theme installations, plug-in packs, website and theme customizations, and archive photographs, are available, as is webhosting offered through a partnering with InMotion Hosting.

Most TemplateMonster WordPress topics contain the PowerBuilder Page Builders utility. Given so many available topics, it is hard to make generalizations when you describe the TemplateMonster WordPress topics. Their latest topics, however, have some common features. Usually a contemporary design of TemplateMonster will be included: 24x7 case studies, 24/7 case studies, demonstrations of topics and plug-ins to try before you buy.

Though TemplateMonster WordPress topics are designed by a dedicated staff of in-house graphic artists, their appearance varies and covers a broad variety of style areas. TemplateMonster topics allow you to customize your website in different ways using the WordPress Customizer. Use the above information about what you can look for in a TemplateMonster theme as a general guideline only.

Precise detail may differ from item to item, so it's strongly advised that you review exactly what a particular topic involves before purchasing. In order to help you find the best TemplateMonster WordPress topics, here are some of the most amazing features that are available today. TemplateMonster features an updated and enhanced copy of TemplateMonster2' native feature theme, which has been updated to include the latest versions of it.

Just like its forerunner, it is certainly a favorite option that has got positive ratings from bloggers that cover the WordPress audience, as well as those who bought the theme. MONSTRID 2 is based on the feature set that made the initial MONSTRID theme a hit. By choosing this topic, you'll gain control over a burgeoning collection of sub topics created for the creation of certain kinds of Web sites, as well as a variety of plug-ins that are bundled and add useful functions to your WordPress Web site.

Complete customisation choices are also offered - complete with a Page builder utility. Further Monstroid 2 features: full e-commerce functionality for on-line sales of Monstroid 2 software solutions. The Monstroid should be able to help you build almost any kind of website with WordPress. But if you are looking for a more focussed, specific topic, there are many more choices in the TemplateMonster libary.

Magic is designed for creating your own WordPress website for your own blogs, websites, portfolios, agencies or galleries. Full e-commerce enablement, no matter which Magic demonstration you decide on, allows you to sell your product and service from your website. But since this theme is full of adjustment possibilities, you shouldn't have a problem customizing the theme to your needs.

Further Magic features are: the theme installer. Although Magic is a multi-purpose theme, it focuses heavily on creating sites thanks to its template collection and colourful and lively designs. Further highlight of Ascendio are: blogs and portfolios to exchange information about new products and finished work.

Ascendio can be easily integrated into your WordPress page and made operational in just a few mouse clicks with just one website demonstration. The Gusto is designed to help you build a coffee or dining website with WordPress. At Gusto we can even take bookings on-line if you wish to do so.

Further Gusto features are: an on-line scheduling and booking administration tools. The Trendomania theme could be a good choice if you want to give your blogs a new look right from the start or give them a classy look. User-defined Widget and a variety of theme choices give you good visibility into the look and feel of your website.

Your blogs may contain a portable home page caption, followed by extracts from your most favorite postings, dependent on how you design your blogs. Trendsomania is a versatile subject. Further Trendomania delights are: a repository of postal format and blogs. Laraway Theme Demonstration is designed to help you build an online search and retrieval (SEO) and online advertising website with WordPress.

Further Laraway features are: a template collection for important pages and blogs. TemplateMonster is also selling a number of WordPress plugs. Besides the topics TemplateMonster also provides a small number of WordPress plugs. One of the features is the MotoPress Content Editor, a front-end drag-and-drop page creator that extends the default WordPress editor to a WYSIWYG website design utility with point-and-click functionality.

MotoPress Content Editor plug-in provides your WordPress website with a full-featured drag-and-drop page-builder. The MotoPress Content Editor plug-in can be purchased alone for $29, or as a chargeable add-on when buying selected TemplateMonster designs. Many of TemplateMonster's latest WordPress topics, however, already contain the in-house PowerBuilder Page Builders utility, which provides similar features.

Whilst pricing varies, most of their latest topics are quoted for about $75. Upon buying a design, you can optionally upgrade it with a set of suggested plug-ins, theme install and adjustment, stick image, and web host through the template monster relationship with InMotion Hosting.

TemplateMonster also offers a payout for some of its topics, as already stated. So if you find a theme with zero downloading or one that has been bought only a few instances, you can afford to add the additional charge and get a theme that is no longer commercially available.

TemplateMonster makes it simple to find topics that have not yet been download. The price for the license varies by theme - $5,000 seems to be a usual amount for topics without downloading - but there is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a custom-designed website.

TemplateMonster has a good choice of Niche WordPress topics. TemplateMonster's best-selling WordPress topics should tick all the checkboxes on most people's requirement lists when selecting a new topic. There is also a good range of recess motifs available, so if you are looking for a motif for your hairdressing salon or turf maintenance company, you are likely to find one at TemplateMonster.

TemplateMonster upgrading features can certainly help to facilitate the launch of a WordPress website. If you take TemplateMonster in charge of installing the theme, customizing the website and the hosting, much of the frictions that can keep you from getting a working website that satisfies you will be eliminated. But there are many other WordPress topics that can rival the best TemplateMonster offerings.

Elegant Themes Division is an amazing multi-purpose feature that is continually being improved and can be used to build any kind of website with WordPress. The StudioPress Sites and Envato Hosted are just two more service providers that can offer you everything you need to get your WordPress website up and running, plus a high value theme, technical assistance and web site host.

When you like what you see, there is no need not to select a WordPress design from TemplateMonster. But since there are so many other places where you can find WordPress topics of the highest caliber, take a look around before making a definitive choice. Use a TemplateMonster theme?

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