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The theme has completely changed the way I perceive music and it has taught me how to enjoy playing the piano. Pvt. Ltd. company research & investment information.

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Music Company Private Limited, Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai

Théme Music Company Private Limited - Retailer of classic guitars, services for modern guitars and teaching violins in Mumbai, Maharashtra. THEME classic guitars are designed to take into account the pupil's skill levels and ages. Beginners begin with the fundamentals of using the guitars, fingers and hands, as well as the fundamentals of writing vocabulary, writing style and writing style, and acquiring fundamental knowledge of rhythms and pitches.

THEME's Advanced Guitar Courses are taught by our top quality and professional instructors. Lessons are meticulously designed and scheduled according to the needs and levels of the pupils. Beginners: 3 years. Middle school: 3 years. To check the availabilty of this programme, please get in touch with your local Theme office. Contemporary Guitar Programme (Class 3 and below) is designed to take into account the student's skill levels and ages.

Beginners begin with the fundamentals of the use of the guitars, fingers and hands, the notes and tablatures of the readers and the acquisition of fundamental knowledge of rhythms and pitches as well as comprehensive ear-education. Intermediate programs (level 4 and above) use a style-specific approach and are taught by skilled and knowledgeable coaches.

Classes are meticulously designed and designed according to students' interests and needs. Teaching the programme is done by skilled instructors who take into account the standard and abilities of the musician. Beginners are instructed in the use of the instrument and the right attitude for play, bowing, co-ordination of the right and wrong hands, voicing, general fingering power and theoretical knowledge.

The TJPC is a groundbreaking group concert for pupils from 4.5 to 15 years of age. TJPC is a concert for children of all ages. Emphasis on holistic approach to musically developing, encompassing repertory work, play techniques, scale, sighting, ear formation and music theory. 4. Necessary exercises and assignments are handled as an integrated part of the system. This is a group ensele teaching methodology where all pupils belong to the same ages and stages with a student-teacher relationship of 6:1.

Evenings and tests are incorporated into the syllabus as part of the students' quaterly objectives. THEME's West German singing classes are designed to take into account the contemporary music scene of contemporary music while staying in tune with the classic songs of the past. To check the availabilty of this programme, please get in touch with your local Theme office.

"Die Kunst Of The Piano" A grandson consists of over ten thousand parts - wooden, metallic, fibrous and many other material. Mounting them in the shape of a wing is an enormous task in itself. However, the act of making it a precise tool able to translate the dynamics of the spirit into the musical idiom and create an tool that can really chant... is an artistic one.

Kawai wing turns handicraft into skill. You' ll find the most progressive contemporary grands that blend the latest technologies with the proven tenets of ancient craftmanship to deliver a superior listening pleasure. The Kawai promise of top performance is reflected in every touch, every subtile shade, every emotional expressive of spirit and soul - from the famous EX concert grands and the remarkably attractive RX BLAK Series Artist Grands to our high-quality GE and GM Series guitars.

"Kawai's 70-year long story and heritage of manufacturing grand instruments has resulted in a breathtaking selection of premium quality electronic uprights. It was not only the tone of the pianoforte that was caught, but also the attack, the keyboard balance and the expressive power of the best acoustical uprights. Kawai's Kawai designers - drawing on the company's eight decade -long track record of making the world's best acoustical grand uprights - are committed to incorporating the same delicate subtleties of note and expression into our electronic musical uprights.

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