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Ian Hecox Lippen and Anthony Padilla synchronize with the title song of Pokémon. Theme Pokemon Music video Smosh Wiki The Pokemon Theme Music Video (uploaded as: Pokemon Theme Song) is a Smosh video on the primary video track. This was the 4th video on Smosh's YouTube channel to be deleted for copyrights violation. This video is the one that triggered Smosh's ascent to YouTube notoriety. Ian Hecox Lippen and Anthony Padilla synchronize with the title track of Pokémon.

That caused indignation among many supporters who are now working together to return the film.

Smosh shot a April Fools video in 2008 that he was charged with $20 million for the video he took away and put on trial. Five years later, in 2010, Smosh released a music video entitled "Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE" that more or less describes the history of the film.

That video was about three mins long. Then 7 years later Anthony is wearing the same short in the 2012 video releases: WORST ID PHOTO EVER! and WUCK IN A TOILET! There is a point in the video where Ian leaks and puts a Jesus figure in his lips. A few Catholics and Christians in the audience used to call it "blasphemy".

" In a video, Ian answered and said that they didn't believe it was, and they thought Jesus was "a really good guy. As Ian said, he thought that more than half of the view of the video originated from this one group. Said he did it because he was thirsty. Mmm.

While Ian is playing the solos Ian sent a Pokémon named "Anthonymon" (that's actually just Anthony). It was Anthony's claim that he went on all four for two whole day to practice for the Anthonyon szene. This video can be watched on Newgrounds. It was the last Smosh video to be published on Newgrounds.

It is the last and last Smosh video of 2005. This video is not actually a spoof, as it uses the unmodified Pokémon theme songs. This video was returned by users Andii2000 on YouTube and now has over 17,000,000 video view, this was the initial re-upload since 2005 and has the best video of all.

This is the most rapidly expanding Smosh video in view history. Had it never been erased, it would still be the most watched video, but with over 100 million viewers, counting on the video's rates of increase at that point. A comment was made on this video in 2007.

Can be found on and is the first Smosh extra. Ian reacted to the disputed Jesus figure scenes in this video. This video was also shown on the YouTube channel of The Fine Brothers' and BBC Radio 1. A lot of folks confuse this with their first video, although in fact it was only their first favorite video.

Her first video was Power Rangers Theme. Remembering this video, the film Smosh: The Movie features a Pokémon spoof called Magic Pocket Slave Monsters.

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